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Good Day

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Let’s have one


Use this picture to start your writing. Make a story that somehow connects to the picture. Don’t tell me “this is a picture of….”


Correct HW

Assembly @ 9:15

Chapter 3 Test

Answer Sheet 

i-Ready Math


Science Quiz

Read Science book 266-269

80% Free Time

Language Arts

Comp Test

Spelling Test – use Google!

Answer sheet

AR Test on “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”


DBQ – Writing – Due on Friday

Make sure to share it with me. Daniel, Richard, Francis, Ivan H., Maurice, Jose, Marshall, Sergio, Madison

If you think you are finished:

  • Read it carefully to yourself listening for errors
  • add a sentence to each paragraph to prove that the Nile shaped Egypt
  • have a partner read your essay and look for errors.
  • Check all capitals and periods.

If you are done, and your essay deserves an A+: Student Blogging Challenge




AR 60 minutes

Read Science book 266-269

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  1. Can you play the song links on my blog on Monday? -Shawn

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