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at 1:00 today.


The “Blog Challenge Mentor” badge is only for teachers. A “mentor” is a teacher or helper, someone who guides you. If you put that on your blog, get rid of it.

Make sure to approve all comments and visit those people’s blogs and leave them a comment. Ask them a question so they will respond and keep the communication going.

Here is Challenge 2; start at the top and work your way down

If you’d like a sweet Blogging Challenge badge, go here


 Semi Colon Wars

iReady Reading


Correct HW

Chapter 12 Math Test

Answer Sheet

i-Ready Math

Language Arts

Spelling 94-97

Sound of Flutes Comp and Vocab Test

Spelling Test – use Google to help you on the spelling test

Answer Sheet

Social Studies

10.3 Quiz


Computer Free Time for the 80%ers

Fraternity, University, Assembly


AR – 60 minutes Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Bike Riding – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Enjoying the Sunshine – Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Preparing yourself for a great Monday

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