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Trimester 3: Day 1


80% positive gets free time Friday. How about bonus time? If this graph below becomes 80%, I’ll add time for everyone! That means those of you that get negatives need to NOT GET ANY! You’re close; Make it happen!



Read Challenge 1, start at the top, and work your way down. Use help if you don’t know what to do. I’ll go over things as we go through the week.


Review ALS

Correct HW

Answer Sheet

Quiz – 12-13-14

Reflex Math

Khan Academy – Circumference (pass it again, the move on)

Khan Academy – Area of a Circle (pass it again, the move on)

Buzz Math – Circumference, then Area of a Circle

12.6 Volume of Rectangular Prisms


Social Studies

10.2-10.3 Notes (Google Drive) – Title it “The Greek World – Name”

Greeks I

Greeks II

Greeks III

Greeks IV

Greeks V

Greeks VI

Greeks VII

Sparta & Athens

Greeks VIII

Language Arts

Semi Colon Wars

4.3 Aida Test

Spelling Test

Answer Sheet

Blog Challenge

Computer Time


AR – 60 minutes

Math 180-181

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