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Spirit Day

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We need to get ready for the game which we will be having next week with the Student Blogging Challenge.  To take part in the game you need the following completed:

  • a blog avatar and a user avatar
  • an ‘about me’ PAGE not post
  • a clustrmap or flag counter widget
  • at least three interesting posts – could be topics of your choice not necessarily from the challenge
  • your ‘Recent Comments’ widget on the sidebar with 10 comments as the choice
  • your ‘Recent Posts’ widget on the sidebar with 10 posts as the choice
  • Your ‘Pages’ widget on the sidebar
  • at least 10 student and/or classes linked on your blogroll
  • at least three overseas blogs on your blogroll

8:30 Spelling Bee

10:00 Buddies


Do one round on XtraMath – the class will get 5 minutes of computer free time for each person that passes addition today!

When you are done, Manga High. I have new challenges for you.

Chapter 5 Quiz – 15-16-17

Answer Form

Language Arts

I Have a Dream Test

Answer Form

Spelling Test


After the Test….

Do This – How many words do you know?

Then Choose from these:

EdHeads – choose an activity

Free Rice



Math 72-73

AR 60 minutes

Sci WB 6.3 (due Monday)



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  1. You are the best teacher IN THE WORLD.

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