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Week without me

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Hi Everyone. I’m sorry I’m not with you this week. I wish I was. I’m going to put a week’s worth of things on this blog post; help the sub to work through this week. I’ll be back with you on Monday, and can’t wait to see you all again.

Morning Writing

Write on the assigned topic




CST ELA 6-07




You know the HW is 2 pages everyday.

For the quiz, put your answers on paper, then trade papers and correct.

The questions are here. Make sure the questions match the lesson from the day before.

Here is the pdf for the substitute: 6thISLCh3

Social Studies

We need to finish notes for Chapter 4 and watch both the videos. Then next week, we’ll review and take the test.

Language Arts

Read the story and do the spelling and comprehension WB pages

Mrs. Wirth might have a cool video that goes with the story. Ask her.

Take the test on Thursday

Answer Form


1.6 Open Court Test




Why don’t you go to Week 3 of the Student Blogging Challenge and do those activities.



Do it every night.

I’ll see you next Monday.








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  1. (for when you come back) What the heck did you do for a week?! Oh, and I’m going to be updating my blog hope you check on it. :3

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