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Getting back in the swing of things


That means “returning to your normal routine”


This morning, I would like you to quickly choose a famous person who you would like to learn more about. On your blog, write a post telling who that is and why you would like to learn more about them, why you are interested in them, etc.

Then this afternoon, you will look up that person and paraphrase the information you find about them. You will basically be writing a short report/biography. You will get to work on it today and tomorrow.


Quiz questions 7-8-9

Daily Math Quiz

after your quiz, go to Manga High and get started.


Chapter 3 Test

After the test, choose the Science version of one of the BBC games

Language Arts

Writing Part II

Find your person on Wikipedia and make a new post and start the biography. You don’t need to put everything; choose what you think is interesting and important. We will work on this today and tomorrow.


AR 60 minutes

Math 28

Read “St. George”  – test Friday

Study vocabulary and spelling

Sub tomorrow 🙂

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