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Rockin’ Math


We are killin’ it in math. I hope your test turns out good.

Screen shot 2010-09-23 at 9.59.44 AMGood Job, Serena Ujagar, Player of the Week and Player of the Month!


Investigate any of these sites. They are in no order, so choose any. Stay on task.

Dynamic Earth

Plate Tectonics

Mountain Maker

Seismic Waves

Dynamic Earth from the Smithsonian – choose Plate Tectonics

Earth’s Layers

Continental Drift

More Plate Tectonics

Blog Challenge

Go to the first Blog Challenge post and do Challenge 4, then Challenge 3, then Challenge 5


No Math

AR 60 minutes

Science – Read 6.4

Language Arts – study for test

Read “Jesse Owens”

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