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Blogging Challenge #4 – read the challenge and choose what you’d like to do. Stay on task. You should be writing, reading or commenting; working on your widgets is off-limits today. Also check out this post from the Challenge.

Social Studies Chapter 9 Study Guide

Screen shot 2010-03-25 at 7.20.32 AMIn a new blog post, respond to the prompt: What was Alejandro’s gift?

Poetry Project – your going to make 1 post in your blog that contains 16 different types of poetry. Make sure to number and label them, i.e. #13 – Limerick

Thoughts on the poetry so far:

#1 – use 2-3-4 word phrases, not just one; put some thought into it, what do you remember most?

#2 – the last line is “But I DO understand……..

#3 – use words that rhyme, not the same word twice;choose the rhyming words first, then create the poem; you need 2 couplets; #1 has 2 pairs of ryhmes, #2 has only 1 pair at the end of lines 2 & 4

#4 – read the directions on types of words and 3 of syllables


Math – test Friday

SS – test Friday

AR 60 minutes

LA – Read “Alejandro’s Gift”

Study for tests

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