Mr. Ferreirae's Blog 2.2

Who’s James Rutter?


Morning Math

Math Live – click lessons, then choose probability

On Stage

Me Too

The Party

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Language Arts

5.2 CST Questions – scantron


OC Test

Time for Kids (due Monday)

Blog Work: (stay on task)

  1. approve all comments
  2. reply to those comments
  3. visit blogs of commenters
  4. Go to the Blog Challenge and visit student or class blogs and comment
  5. Here’s a class that has been reading our blogs – check them out – they are 6th graders from King City, CA, ¬†and they have great blogs!
  6. Read our class’s posts
  7. Review Challenge 3 and work on your blog


Math WB 166-167

AR 60 minutes each day


Blog – Rutter Essay (due Sunday 5pm)

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