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Mid-Week Action


We had a lot of fun yesterday making Voki’s for our blogs. The late class is also enjoying Scratch and doing some very cool things.


Screen shot 2010-03-16 at 9.30.54 PM

Social Studies 9.2 Quiz

Ancient Greece from the British Museum

More Greeks

Greeks from the BBC

Language Arts

Direct Objects

Subject-Verb agreement Рfactsheets, game, quiz

Extra S-V agreement


Math WB 164-165

AR 60 minutes

Read Social Studies 9.3

Read “Most Beautiful Roof in the World”

Comp WB 144-147

Study Spelling, vocab, 504

Show someone your blog, and have them leave a comment (I’ll see it and give you extra credit). If your parents leave a comment of my blog, it’s Double Extra Credit!

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