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BBC probability – read, play, quiz

ThatQuiz probability

Language Arts

OC Test – pages 2-5, essay #1 only, pg 27

504.20 test – show me your score

CST questions – on the scantron – turn in to front table

Turn in your questions for “Protecting Wildlife”; really just turn in the answers – front table

Print out the first page only of your blog – put it on the front table

TFK – due Monday, front and back

Go to Tween Tribune – read – leave at least one comment

Let’s do the veteran level of the Student Blogging Challenge. Post about why people should read your blog. Leave a “trackback” which is a link back to the original blog post, which isĀ here. You leave a trackback below your post on your dashboard in a box that says “Send Trackbacks”. Post the URL from above in that box.

If you still have time, review the first 2 challenges on the blog challenge, and add to or improve your blog in those 2 ways. The link to the blog challenge is here. Don’t start on the 3rd one; we’ll do that next week.

That should keep you busy. Stay on task!

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