Mr. Ferreirae's Blog 2.2

Day before the Test



Choose any “12” activity from the tags section to the right.

We will go over the practice test, then do some problems similar to tomorrow’s test to get ready.

After Recess

You’re going to partner with someone from Mr. Lapachet’s class and help them make a picture. DO NOT DO IT FOR THEM! teach by using your voice, not your hands.

Mr Lapachet’s Pictures

Language Arts

Let’s do the veteran level of the Student Blogging Challenge. Post about why people should read your blog. Leave a “trackback” which is a link back to the original blog post, which isĀ here.

If you have free time, review the first 2 challenges on the blog challenge, and add to or improve your blog in those 2 ways. The link to the blog challenge in on the right.

Math – Study your notes for Wednesday’s test
Science – Living Wise H-I-J-K
SS – Read 9.1
LA – Read “Protecting Wildlife”

Questions – due Friday
Study vocab, spelling, 504

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