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When’s Day?



World Math Day is next Tuesday! Practice, practice, practice.

That Quiz – check all the area and perimeter boxes. Use your formula notes.

After Recess

We’re going to make posters of your “3 words that describe your family” post we did on Monday. Open Microsoft Word. Go to File-Page Layout and change the page to Landscape. Then use Word Art to put your First & Last name, and the 3 words on the page. Print it out, then add color to it. It’s going up on the wall, so make it look good.

Language Arts

Read this guide to posting good comments. Then use them!

Use these as a guide to posting good comments.

Use these as a guide to posting good comments.

Today, please LOG IN to Tween Tribune, read an article, and post a comment. I will help those of you who have been unable to get it done.
Screen shot 2010-02-23 at 9.19.50 PM


Math WB 178-179

Practice for World Math Day

Comment on Tween Tribune

AR 60 minutes

Read “Messiah”

Study vocab, 504, and spelling

Stay Dry!

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