Mr. Ferreirae's Blog 2.2

Win a Gold Medal….


…on your math test.

Start off with World Math Day

Our next topic in math is perimeter.


More Perimeter

After Recess

Check out the Student Blogging Challenge to make sure you are registered. If not, REGISTER! There are 3 of you who are not registered.

Next, register on this site: TweenTribune; use your first name and last initial (billf). If that doesn’t work add 10, or 100 to the end. Pick a password you will remember.

Once you have registered, read an article and comment. Make it a good and intelligent comment. Read what others have written before you.

Let’s also install Scratch, a program to learn how to become a computer programmer.


BBC Volcanoes


Volcano World

FEMA for Kids

NG Volcanoes

Language Arts

Screen shot 2010-02-17 at 9.50.46 PM

In your blog, write your thoughts about “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”


Math WB 170-171

Science – Read Textbook 8.3, WB 8.3 (Due Monday)

AR 60 minutes of silent reading

Language Arts – Read “Beethoven Lives Upstairs”

Study Vocab, 504, spelling

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