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Choose a multiplication activity from this page

Writing Prompt

What are the components of your ideal breakfast?

Language Arts

Correct this paragraph; It needs capital letters. Write the words that need to be capitalized on your whiteboard.

1 7 corrections
charles exploded from the van and ran around the campsite like a wild man. his family had planned this trip for two years. they had dreamed about it for at least three years before that. now, finally, here they were in yellowstone national park!
2 7 corrections
when he was a little calmer, charles helped his family unload the van and put everything away in the cabin. they were going to be here for a whole week, so there was lot to put away. when everything was finished, charles’ mother began cooking bacon for their dinner. his father collapsed in the nearest chair to read the guidebook, and his sister and brother started a card game. charles was too excited to stay inside.
3 3 corrections
“mom,” he said, “may i go outside?”
4 5 corrections
“yes,” she answered, “but don’t go far. we will be eating in about five minutes.”

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