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Attendance Policy

Attendance is Key to Academic Success
Teachers build your child’s education one day at a time so every day is essential. In elementary, middle and high school, your child’s academic success can be put in jeopardy if too many days are missed. If your child must miss school due to an illness or other critical reason, work with his/her teacher to make-up the lost time in class. Ask for homework assignments and do extra review.

In addition to the academic component, student absences directly affect the district’s finances. The majority of state funding is based on each day each student attends school. The state only pays the district for those days the student is physically in class. It does not pay for excused absences, even if the parents provide a note from a doctor.

General Absences
Please click here to review the Elk Grove Unified School District’s “Absences and Excuses” Administrative Regulation 5113 (AR 5113).

Leaving School at Lunch Time
The Elk Grove Unified Board of Education has established a closed campus policy at all sites. Students may not leave campus at any time during the school day.  This is for the security of the campus and to protect your student’s health, safety and welfare. Please cooperate by not requesting permission for your student to leave campus during the school day.  [E.C. 44808.5]

Minimum Days & Pupil Free Staff Development Days
If your child will be affected by minimum days or staff development days, we will give you at least one month’s notice.  At various times during the year, schools will be on a minimum day schedule. Schools are typically on a minimum day schedule because of testing or because of track change days when extra time is needed to prepare the classrooms for the following school day.

Parental Consequences for Failure to Ensure Student Attendance
Any parent or guardian who fails to ensure their student’s attendance may be guilty of an infraction and can be punishable as follows:  $100 for first conviction; $250 for second conviction; $500 for third conviction. A parent or guardian may be placed in a parent education program or counseling program in lieu of a fine. A willful violation of a court order directing that a student must be enrolled in a school or program can mean a $1,000 fine.  [E.C. 48239]


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