I am the oldest child, and I love reading peaceful quotes for fun.

I wonder if I will go to college, and what I will study.

I hear my little brother crying whenever he wants a bottle.

I see, my brother happy when he gets what he wants.

I wish for a lovely family pet to care for us.

I am the oldest child, and I love reading peaceful quotes for fun.

I pretend to be shy around people but really I talk a lot.

I touched my mom’s heart when I gave her a pretty necklace for mother’s day.

I worry that something bad will happen to my brother.

I cry when I read a really sad quote.

I am the oldest child, and I love reading peaceful quotes for fun.

I understand that it’s hard to put my brother to sleep at night.

I say that I can accomplish 5th grade.

I dream to be an interior decorator.

I try to do my chores perfectly so I can earn money.

I hope my brother can talk soon so he won’t cry all the time for a bottle.

I am the oldest child, and I love reading peaceful quotes for fun.

My Thanksgiving Break

During my thanksgiving break I spent the night at my cousins house, baked cookies, and go to the Thanksgiving party.

First, when I was going to spend the night at my cousins house, and when I went there me and my cousins were going to the mall. We got so much stuff! While we were shopping I saw a friend. After, that we came to her house and played with slime.

Second, me and my mom baked cookies, when we were waiting my friend from my old school came over. We had so much fun playing together! Then, we finally ate our cookies.

Finally, it was the day that we could say what we were thankful for. When we got there I played, ate good food, and be with my family. I was running around with my cousins and played with them. Then I ate mac and cheese, pumpkin pie, and potatoes. Then, be with my family.

The Ideal Pet

German Shepherds are the best pets ever! One reason, German Shepherds are fun dogs. For example, they run around and play. It’s so fun when they run if I had a German shepherd I would race with it. Second, they are known for police dogs. For example, they are very protective. If a bad person comes into the house the dog would alert us and protect us. In addition, they are very cute when their pups. For, example they are fluffy and small when their newborns. Their fur feels like a soft blanket. Obviously, German Shepherds are amazing pets!

The Turkey

It was the day before Thanksgiving, I was so scared. One by one feathers fell off when it came closer to Thanksgiving. There was a crazy man who always wanted to chop my head off! On a month called November. I don’t know why, but I would always run away from him.

So one morning the man  came outside and said ¨Hey girl I’m sorry for trying to kill for those 25 years I tried killing you.¨ He said in a pretty weird way. I wasn’t to sure about that. I new he would trick me, so I declined. When he returned to his house, I made a plan. I saw a card and made it a money card that said it had $1,ooo! So he could move out! And he did! Then I got to live forever!

The End