Welcome to Union House Elementary. Our Mission Statement is to E.D.U.C.A.T.E.:

EXCEL – in providing an educational program that exceeds the expectations of the community

DETERMINE – where each student is and the best way to advance them to the next level

UNIFY – our efforts to meet the needs of all students

CHALLENGE – all students to work to their greatest potential

ACHIEVE – that which was thought to be unachievable

TRAIN – students in the areas of character, compassion, and consideration for each other; and to value education

EXPECT – nothing short of our best, the best of the students, and the best of their parents

We look forward to serving you and your children this school year. We are dedicated to maintaining the academic and behavioral standards that were started twenty years ago, and will continue to provide your children with an outstanding education. We are confident that Union House Elementary will continue to be a school of high academics, high expectations, high energy, and some serious fun.

We continue to look forward to building our relationship with the Union House community. We are very aware of the importance of your support, and know that we can only achieve our expectations through cooperation, communication, and teamwork.

If this is your first year as part of this wonderful Union House Family . . . Welcome to the Family!! We are so happy to have you on this wonderful journey through elementary school. You will soon find out that at Union House you don’t just attend or work here, or just send your children here, but rather you become a part of it and it becomes a part of you.

Here’s to an awesome school year.

Dorothy Stoppelmann