World War II

Lesson Plans for Teaching about the Internment Experience


  • In Response to Executive Order 9066 – From Elk Grove USD Technology Services and the Sacramento Educational Cable Consortium. Lesson invites students to create a letter poem to commemorate a first-hand account from our TOR WWII archives. Although the lesson is aligned to 8th grade CCSS, it is appropriate for and adaptable to younger students.
  • Writing for Redress – Created by Elk Grove Unified Teacher Melanie Allen (Raymond Case Elementary School)
  • Taking a Stand – Created by Elk Grove Unified Teacher Virginia Herte (Mary Tsukamoto Elementary School)
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out (Once on the Korematsu Institute website, click on the “Online Curriculum” link at the top of the  page) – From the Fred Korematsu Institute, this  curriculum packet is for elementary students to learn about one man’s courage to speak out against the injustice of the forced removal of Japanese-Americans from the West Coast.
  • Fred Korematsu: All American Hero – A graphic novel to accompany the above Don’t Be Afraid to Speak Out lesson.
  • Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself – Library of Congress lesson on Japanese Internment.

Middle School

High School


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