Joanne Iritani

Joanne shares the experiences of Japanese-Americans on “the outside.”

Video Timeline

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Family history of how they came from Japan and settled as farmers in Bakersfield.

05:46 – Clip 2
Growing up in Bakersfield before the war.

08:42 – Clip 3
Memories from the time of the bombing until the evacuation. Joanne remembers upstanders who aided the Japanese Americans with their belongings and land during the war. She recounts the importance of helping others.

16:42 – Clip 4
Life after camp, focusing a lot on her continued education and the livelihood of her family.

21:48 – Clip 5
Her husband, Frank, was re-classified as an enemy alien after the war started and his draft number came up.

24:01 – Clip 6
Memories from camp and how your age determined your outlook on camp life.

24:52 – Credits

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Primary source images to accompany Joanne Iritani’s story. Images provided by Joanne Iritani – Elk Grove Unified School District

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