Jack Uyeyama

Jack Uyeyama was born in Sheldon, California, in 1931. He attended Enterprise School until the outbreak of World War II. He was interned at both Jerome and Rohwer internment camps. Following the war years, he attended and graduated from Golden Gate Academy in Oakland. He went on to graduate from California State University, Sacramento, with a degree in sociology. He taught a few years in elementary school and then went into business for himself as a gardener.

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00:00 – Introduction

00:18 – Clip 1
Jack describes growing up in Sheldon. Father farmed 10 acres of strawberries. Talks about depression era prices.

01:41 – Clip 2
Pearl Harbor attack and relocation to Fresno Assembly Center.

03:37 – Clip 3
Irony of “it takes a war to bring the nation out of poverty.” Mentions how good the food was at the Assembly Center in Fresno.

05:24 – Clip 4
10,000 Japanese Americans in Jerome Camp.

07:56 – Clip 5
Mischief at Tule Lake; one finger salute; seagulls painted with the rising sun; agitating the guards.

08:49 – Clip 6
Banks foreclosed on many internees property since wages were very low in the camp.

10:01 – Clip 7
Jack no longer eats fresh strawberries because of eating them so much as a kid.

10:59 – Clip 8
He and his six brothers served in the US Army. Mother would be proud.

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