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Welcome Back!
Curious and Creative Critter News: Welcome Back! Crocker Art Museum Today we had our on-campus filed trip to the Art Ark from the Crocker Museum. Students learned about Kente cloth from the Akan Peoples as well as masks and headdresses. Studen (More)
Arthur C. Butler Newsletter October 2014
October 2014 Issue (More)
Reports cards came home today!
Dear Parents, Please check your child’s Wednesday folder today for their report card. If you have any questions/concerns please contact me. Grades are based on mastery of course content, standards/benchmarks, and objectives checklists as demons (More)
Dragon News & Events October 2014
October 2014 Newsletter More)
Happy Constitution Day!
Happy Constitution Day everyone! We had a busy day today, beginning with an assembly complete with flag presentation from our Air Force reserves out of Travis AFB. We learned about the constitution today and why, how and when it was drafted. Th (More)
Unity Carnival is on Friday, Oct 3
Dear Families, The annual Unity Carnival is on Friday, Oct 3 (the Friday we track off).  For those of you who are not familiar with the Carnival, it is an event that the PFO runs that provides fun activities and is a fund raiser for the school.  S (More)
PTO September Newletter
Here is your September PTO Newsletter! September 2014 PTO Newsletter (More)
Parent Teacher Conferences Are Available
Hello all, Parent teacher conferences are no longer scheduled/held in November and March. Instead you may schedule a conference with me anytime on an as needed basis or contact me via email. Additionally I have made time available afterschool t (More)
Arthur C. Butler September 2014 Newsletter
September 2014 Issue (More)
School/Home folders (usually sent home on Wednesdays) will go home with students tomorrow- Thursday, August 28th. (More)
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