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Parent Survey Results- Bring Your Parent to School Day/Morning Open House

Dear Spartan Families,


Thank you parents for providing our school feedback on our Bring Your Parent to School Day-Open House event. The events for both B Track and ACD Tracks was very well attended with many classes having every child represented by a family member. Thank you for adjusting your schedules to try this new time frame. As you know, our Sunrise Leadership team wanted to be responsive to parent feedback that we received last year regarding the timing of our Open Houses. Knowing that we could not satisfy every family, we took a suggestion from families to pilot and host a morning event instead of an evening event. We then recently surveyed parents to see our community was in favor of the morning event or if we should return to an evening event. We were also open to direct responses in the survey as well and received many. Over 150 families responded with 55% in favor of keeping the morning time frame. Coupled with this though, were many comments- both positive and critical- as you might imagine. Significant critiques shared from hosting a Morning Open House event included:

  • Removing the unintentional ambiguity in the title by calling it Open House in the Morning vs. Bring Your Parent to School Day.
  • Ensuring that every child shares their work with at least one positive adult. We don’t want any child to feel badly or left out. A morning event meant that all children would be present whether a family member could attend or not, and publicly sharing their best work is important to all children.
  • Ensuring that siblings can see and appreciate each other’s work. While many classes then participated later in a parade through classes to see the other children’s work across the school, it would be important for all students to take pride in the hard work of their peers and siblings.
  • Holding the art show in an area to be more visible to families.


A concern shared was centered on honoring working families, which to be honest, was a major hesitation in trying this time frame this year. Interestingly, many families indicated the opportunity in the morning worked well with their schedule; many families indicated the exact opposite. Several responses indicated that with a better title of the event, coupled with the advanced notice given, they would have rearranged their work schedule and been able to attend. A large number of comments indicated this time frame did not honor our dual working families or single parents.


I’ve been doing some further reflecting on our parent survey regarding our Bring Your Parent to School Day/Morning Open House. While the survey results favored keeping the Morning Open House by 10% (55% to 45%), the comments were heavily weighted towards returning to an evening event. There is not a major difference in favor of the morning time frame. So, I’m conflicted seeing the benefits of both time frames to families and staff. Ultimately though, I’ve decided to return Open House in the Spring to the evening time frame. I’ve trusted my mind for many decisions, but I’m a firm believer that sometimes you just have to go with your gut- which in this case is telling me to hold to tradition. Thanks for piloting the morning time frame with me this year and for also providing me your feedback.


As always, I’m open to your feedback and am so happy to be able to serve this community. Have a wonderful end to this school year and see many of you once again in mid-July for Back to School Night (which, of course, will be in the evening).


Have a wonderful day,


Marty Hock

Principal, Sunrise Elementary



“Be the person you needed when you were younger.” – Ayesha Siddiqi

New Social Studies Curriculum

New Social Studies Curriculum Parent Preview and Discussion Night at Sunrise

Wednesday- June 12, 5:30-6:30 in our MP Room


Mr. Hock welcomes parents to attend an informational meeting around our new Social Studies curriculum. Parents will have the opportunity to look at textbooks, ask questions and plan how to best support your children with history and social studies content curriculum moving into the 2019-20 school year.




 Roles and Responsibilities
 Mandated Reporter
 PBIS, Special Education
 Stress Management
 NCLB Test Prep
 English Language Learners
 After School Programs
 Attitude in the Workplace
 More!
NEW! Saturday Class
Saturdays, September 7-December 21, 2019
Time: 9 am—1 pm (No class 11/9 & 11/30)
Evening Class:
Tues/Thurs, October 15-December 19, 2019
Time: 6-9 pm (No class 11/26 & 11/28)
Location: EGACE, 8401-B Gerber Rd, Sacramento
Class is FREE!
Materials Fee: $30
EGUSD NCLB test (if required) $15
EGACE also offers a Vocational English-as-a-Second Language class for higher-level English Language Learners that prepares them for the Para-educator Training!
Orientation and registration appointments will be held starting in late July. You can register for an appointment online at under the Always Learning Online Registration link or call the EGACE front desk at (916) 686-7783.

Click HERE to see the full flyer.

EGUSD Parent Survey

The Elk Grove Unified School District has been administering the Parent Survey for over 20 years. We continually strive to provide the best education possible for all children. The Parent Survey is an important tool we use to evaluate our success in achieving this mission. The information parents provide through this survey will be used to make further improvements to our school and district programs.
2019 – EGUSD Parent Survey – English

El Distrito Escolar Unificado de Elk Grove ha administrado la encuesta de padres por más de 20 años. Nosotros continuamos esmerándonos en proporcionar la mejor educación posible para todos los niños. Esta encuesta de padres es una herramienta muy importante para evaluar nuestro éxito logrando esta misión. La información que los padres proporcionan a través de esta encuesta se usará para realizar más mejoras a nuestros programas escolares y del distrito.
2019 – Encuesta para padres del distrito escolar unificado de Elk Grove – Spanish

Học Khu Elk Grove đang điều hành sự Thăm Dò Phụ Huynh từ 20 năm nay. Chúng tôi tiếp tục cố gắng cung cấp đầy đủ một nền giáo dục tốt nhất có thể làm được cho tất cả học sinh.  Sự Thăm Dò Phụ Huynh là một dụng cụ quan trọng chúng tôi dùng để đánh giá những thành quả của chúng tôi đạt được trong mục tiêu này. Những thông tin mà qúi vị phụ huynh cung cấp trong cuộc thăm dò này sẽ được dùng để cải tiến cho tốt hơn những chương trình của nhà trường và học khu.
2019 – Bảng Khảo Sát Phụ Huynh Học Sinh Học Khu Elk Grove – Vietnamese

Elk Grove Unified School District yeej muaj Cov Ntaub Ntawv Sojntsuam Rau Cov Niamtxiv tshaj li 20 lub xyoo los lawm.  Peb yeej tseem niaj hnub mob siab qhia ntawv kom yuav zoo tshaj plaws rau peb cov menyuam.  Cov Ntaub Ntawv Sojntsuam Rau Cov Niamtxiv yog ib qhov uas tseemceeb heev rau peb kev sojntsuam seb peb puas ncaj cuag peb lub homphiaj. Cov kev qhia uas cov niamtxiv qhia tuaj los ntawm daim ntawv sojntsuam no yuav siv cov los pab txhim kho peb cov tsev kawm ntawv thiab cov kev kawm nyob rau hauv peb lub district.
2019 – Elk Grove Unified School District Niamtxiv Daim Ntawv Sojntsuam – Hmong

School Accountability Report Card (SARC)

Hello Sunrise families,

The current School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available online at the Elk Grove Unified School District website at  Both a long detailed format and a short executive summary are posted for parents to learn more about the schools in our community.  

The Sunrise Elementary SARC summarizes our mission, goals, accomplishments, and highlights our school’s unique programs.  In addition, state law requires that the SARC contain all of the following: demographic data, school safety and climate for learning information, academic data, school completion rates, class sizes, teacher and staff information, curriculum and instruction descriptions, postsecondary preparation information, fiscal and expenditure data.

The federal law, the Every Student Succeeds Act, requires that SARCs contain reports concerning the “adequate yearly progress” of students in achieving state academic achievement standards; Title I Program Improvement status (not applicable to our school); graduation rates at the secondary level (not applicable to our school); and the extent to which “highly qualified” teachers are teaching core academic subjects.

A hard copy of these reports can be requested by visiting our school office.  Any questions regarding our SARC can be answered by Principal Marty Hock or by contacting Learning Support Services at 916-686-7712.


Thank you,

Mary Hock, Principal

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