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October 31st

Just a quick communication…..

We do not celebrate Halloween at school with costumes, make-up, or hair styles.  This portion of the holiday is something to be celebrated at home.  We had multiple days for costumes with last week’s Red Ribbon Week celebration to give our students the opportunity to be creative and full of school spirit. The Halloween information was shared with all students during morning announcements. We also ask your assistance with regulating the amount of candy that comes to school with students next week. Two or three small pieces are a good amount. Large amounts of candy or bags of candy will be held for parent pick-up.

Saturday night is the time to set your clocks back one hour as we end Daylight Savings Time.

Thank you!
Mrs. Hunt-Brown

Crocker Art Museum – Art Ark

Thanks to the support of our wonderful PFO, all Sunrise students will experience the Crocker Art Gallery’s ART ARK!   The ART ARK, a mobile art museum, will be on the Sunrise campus from Monday, October 20th through Tuesday, November 4th.  Every classroom, regardless of track, will visit the ark for a one hour art lesson from a Crocker docent.  The theme of the ART ARK is Form & Function:  African and Asmat Art.  The ARK contains a dynamic exhibition of sculpture, musical instruments, textiles, masks, and other objects from Africa and New Guinea. The ARK will be parked on our playground right behind the library/computer lab.  As students arrive at school in the morning to line up on their red dots, they will need to walk in front of the trailer.

Parents – a special evening has been planned for families. On Thursday, October 23rd, the ART ARK will be open between the hours of 6:00-7:30PM for families to visit the ARK.

Come and enjoy!
Mrs. Hunt-Brown

Red Ribbon Week

Photo: Next week, October 20th-24th, Sunrise Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Each day will have a different theme. Have your children dress for each one!Monday – Surf the Drug Free Wave – Hawaiian ThemeTuesday – The Future is Bright, Be Drug Free – Neon ThemeWednesday – Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs – PJ ThemeThursday – Team Up Against Drugs – Jersey ThemeFriday – You Have the POWER to Stay Drug Free – Superhero Theme

This week, October 20th-24th, Sunrise Elementary will be celebrating Red Ribbon Week. Each day will have a different theme. Have your children dress for each one!

Monday – Surf the Drug Free Wave – Hawaiian Theme
Tuesday – The Future is Bright, Be Drug Free – Neon Theme
Wednesday – Follow Your Dreams, Don’t Do Drugs – PJ Theme
Thursday – Team Up Against Drugs – Jersey Theme
Friday – You Have the POWER to Stay Drug Free – Superhero Theme

National Walk to School Day!

This Wednesday, October 8th, is National Walk To School Day!

Celebrate with us by joining one of our walking school buses (Anatolia & Iron Gate Way and Anatolia & Chrysanthy) lead by Educators and Watch D.O.G.S.
Sgt. Lozano will also be on site supporting this event!

For more information about Walk to School Day,
visit their website @…/about-the-…/walk-to-school-day

Reminder- Minimum Day Tomorrow

Track Change Day Tomorrow, October 3rd, is Crazy Hair Day.

Don’t feel like dressing up? Show your school spirit by wearing your Sunrise Elementary spirit shirt. Go Spartans!

Minimum Day Schedules
Grades 1-6 8:20-12:30
ALL Kinder EARLY 8:20-11:51

D tracks off and returns on Monday, October 27, 2014
C track returns on Monday, October 6, 2014

We hope to see you at the carnival 4-7:30pm

“Walk to School Wednesdays” Begin Tomorrow

Starting tomorrow, Wednesday, September 24th, we will kick off our weekly Walk To School Wednesdays! In partnership with Smart Routes to School, we will enact a new program called Active4Me which will allow parents to track their student’s arrival at school by text, email or phone call! Students will benefit too with weekly prizes. Help us promote health and wellness, safe routes, and bicycle/scooter helmet safety! To register your child, visit the Actvive4Me website @

PFO General Member Meeting

Wednesday, September 24th
at 3:00pm
 in the Sunrise Library

Please join us for a brief meeting where we will vote on the 2014-2015 PFO budget, share last minute Unity Carnival details, and discuss upcoming fundraisers and events.  All parents who attend will receive a FREE raffle ticket for the Unity Carnival, as well as a FREE SEATING LUNCH PASS for your child to use during their assigned lunch time. 

Please visit our NEW website at to view the meeting agenda.

Questions? Comments?  Suggestions?

Email us at

Thank you for your support!

Sunrise Parents

Another Track Change Day will soon be upon us!  Friday, September 12th will be a Minimum Day for this purpose.  Kindergarten will be on the all early schedule (8:20-11:51). First through sixth graders attend 8:20-12:30. C Track’s last day is September 12th, returning from off track on Monday, October 6th.

B Track returns to school on Monday, September 15th. B Track room and red dot assignments are now posted in the front office window.  Mrs. Davis’s, Mrs. Standring’s, and Mrs. Haynes’s classes all return to a new classroom and red dot location.

Posted to our calendar page are an updated September events calendar as well as the events calendar for October.  Both will come in paper copy in Wednesday folders next week.

Many thanks to all of you that use Cobble Brook for drop-off and pick-up and are following the new procedures.  Safety has improved greatly.   Please remember to do the following:

  • When crossing the street use the crosswalk or the intersection to the east of the drop-off zone
  • Kinder parents, park outside the drop-off/pick-up zone and walk your child into/pick up your child from class unless you are using the K Valet service available for morning drop-off.
  • Please no U Turns at arrival or dismissal along Cobble Brook or Anatolia

Thank you, everyone, for your cooperation and support with the new plan!

Mrs. Hunt-Brown

A & D Track Parents

Picture Day
Tomorrow, August 22nd, Excel Photographers will be on campus to take school pictures for A & D Track students.  All students will have their picture taken for inclusion in the Sunrise yearbook and be part of a class photograph.  Parents wishing to purchase photography packages my do so by using the order form sent home with students or going on line at Extra order forms are available in the front office.


Cobble Brook Traffic Update

This community is awesome!  Today, we ran our new traffic pattern along Cobble Brook without the support of law enforcement….and it was AWESOME!  Thank you everyone for your support as we work together to make Sunrise Elementary a safe and positive learning environment including when it comes to traffic.

The following actions were critical to our success:

  • Parents and children crossing at the crosswalk and not in the middle of the street
  • Children prepared to exit the car promptly once their car entered the drop-off lane
  • Merging like a zipper as cars exit the drop-off lane
  • TK and K parents displaying their orange squares for our 6th grade K Valet service for the start of the morning classes
  • Parents parking away from the drop-off lane along other streets and walking onto campus
  • Parents and children knowing where they are to meet each other for after school pick-up and arriving promptly to the pick-up zone

Thank you for your continued support!

Mrs. Hunt-Brown


NEW: Cobble Brook Traffic Plan – Please read thoroughly

As our school has grown, the traffic pressure around the school has increased significantly.  Last year the traffic situation along Cobble Brook was identified as an area of serious concern and discussed at our School Site Council.  While year round has helped alleviate some of the traffic pressure, safety concerns remain.
Beginning Monday, August 11th, we will initiate a structured and controlled drop-off (8:10am) and pick-up (2:40) along Cobble Brook. The plan for cars consists of the following:
·         A designated drop-off and pick-up lane marked by cones
·         Traffic controls by staff and initially by law enforcement
·         Once you enter the drop-off/pick-up lane, remain in the lane until you exit at the end.
·         IMPORTANT – There will no longer be any parking/stopping on Cobble Brook the length
of the wrought-iron fence.
·         Kindergarten parents needing to walk their child to class may use the open curb space along both sides of Anatolia and cross at the crosswalk or use curb space on other side streets.
·         Children being dropped off will need to have their backpacks on and be ready to disembark.
·         Children being picked up along Cobble Brook will need to:
Go promptly to the pick area.
Watch of their parent’s/daycare provider’s car.
Wait in a single file along the fence preceding pick-up.
Parents will not be allowed to hold up the lane to wait for the arrival of late children.
·         AM Kindergarten and TK parents may elect to use the K-Valet system. (See below)
·         No U Turns or double parking
·         Respect the property rights of our neighbors.  Do not block or park in their driveways.
·         NEW – All pedestrians need to go down to the Anatolia crosswalk to cross the street.  No parent should be crossing Cobble Brook in the middle of the street with or without their child.
·         During PM Kinder arrival and AM Kinder departure, the volume of traffic is greatly reduced. Existing traffic practices can remain in effect.
A map was provided on the letter sent home with students.
K-Valet System for Morning Kindergarten and TK Students at Drop-off
For safety reasons, we ask that all transitional kindergarten and kindergarten students be escorted to and picked up from the classroom by a parent, daycare provider, or responsible older sibling. Kindergarten parents will need to park on available curb space (not on Cobble Brook) or in the parking lot and walk their child to class.  Please make use of the kindergarten gate and do not use the office for through traffic.
For morning TK and kindergarten students (AM schedule), we will offer a K-Valet system.  This system is designed for kindergarten students who are ready for a little more independence in getting from the car to the classroom.  The valet system is only offered in the morning for the start of school for students on the AM schedule.
·         Display the bright orange K-Valet card in the lower right front window of your car.
·         Pull into the Cobble Brook Drop-off  Lane
·         Your car will be greeted by a sixth grade Kindergarten Valet.  Valets will be wearing bright orange T-shirts….to match the bright orange card in your card window.
·          Your child needs to be able to tell the valet the name of their teacher.
·         The valet will escort your child to the appropriate classroom.
Kindergarten Students with Older Responsible Siblings
If your kindergarten child has an older sibling that is responsible, the older sibling may drop off and pick up their kindergarten age brother/sister. Please make prior arrangements with your child’s kindergarten teacher. The family may then use the Cobble Brook Drop-off and Pick-up Lane.
Mrs. Hunt-Brown

August Track Change Day & Character Awards

Parents of BC&D Track Students,

We are poised to accomplish another first for the history of Sunrise Elementary….our very first Track Change Day!

When:  Wednesday, August 6th
Who:    All Students TK-6th
What:   Minimum Day – Grades 1-6 8:20-12:30*
Kinder & TK All Early 8:20-11:51

B Track Students – Wednesday is your last day of school prior to going off-track until Monday, September 15th. Enjoy your time off!

Character Awards – RESPECT
Wednesday, August 6th is also the date for our first Character Awards Assembly.
8:40 First and Second Grades
9:10 Third and Fourth Grades
9:40 Fifth and Sixth Grades

*Please note that dismissal on minimum days is 12:30 for grades 1-6. (A publication went home that states 12:50.  Apologies! The correct time is 12:30.)

Mrs. Hunt-Brown