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Family Science Night (C&D 3/22/17; A&B 5/30/17)


Please join us for our first Sunrise Family Science Night.

Students will explore and challenge themselves at many self-directed activities and families will participate in a Family Design Challenge in our Multipurpose Room. 

The cost is FREE and we will have light refreshments. We look forward to seeing Sunrise families there for a great night of science discovery and family time.

For more information about Family Science Night night, click here!

C & D Track night:  Wednesday, March 22, 2017 – 6:00 – 7:30 PM

A & B Track Night: Tuesday, May 30, 2017 – 6:00 – 7:30 PM

Family Writing Night (4/19/17)

Please join us for Family Writing Night- Making Memories with your Family! 

Families will be making a book of family memories on Wednesday, April 19 from 5:00-7:00 in our Sunrise Multi-purpose Room. 

The cost is FREE and we will have light refreshments and a raffle.  Please RSVP to your child’s teacher by Wednesday, April 12

Can’t find your RSVP form?  Click here!

We look forward to seeing everyone there for a great night of learning, writing and family time.

Carnival Vendors – Deadline 4/7/17

Sunrise CommUNITY Carnival Vendors:  Join in the fun on April 28th!

Help get technology, art, academic programs, and classroom supplies for Sunrise and McGarvey students!

Reserve your booth space today at or

(Deadline for reservations is April 7th.)


Join us:

Host a Vendor Booth:  $50 online registration at

Donate Raffle Basket

Donate 10-50% or more of the night’s profits

Donate Carnival Prizes for the games


Give a little to help kids a LOT!

Sponsor a New Game:  With your donation of $75, we will post your sign or logo by one of the games.

Sponsor a Big Activity:  The rock climbing wall, bounce houses, and other big activities are a big hit, and a business sponsor sign posted there is a great opportunity to show how your business helps our kids!

Platinum Sponsor:  Sunrise families are grateful for our Platinum Sponsors, who help in a BIG way!  Ask how you can become a Platinum Sponsor today!


Have a SUPER week & sign up online today!


Join the following businesses and make this event OUT OF THIS WORLD:  Iverson Plumbing, Smile Kingdom, Five Star Restoration, Anatolia Taekwondo, Quick Quack Car Wash, Playology, Realty World Platinum, Cowtown Creamery, Cordova Girls Softball, LulaRoe, Bella Bling, Jamberry, Design Mine Studio, Younique, On Point Body, Reed Block Realty, Pampered Chef, Life Expressions Décor, Kaia FIT SSC, doTerra, Liberty Kettle Korn, Champions, Burton’s Beard Oil, Sierra Sunrise Dental, NextHome Millenium, Girl Scouts Heart of CA, Henna Pearl, LiquidLolli, 50 Corridor (Use Your Shoes Tuesday), Crafted by Kas, Music Department, Aerodyne Industry, Rancho Cordova Library, Rancho Cordova Police PAL, Sac Metro Fire!  THANK YOU TO ALL OF THESE BUSINESSES WHO ARE SUPPORTING SUNRISE & MCGARVEY!



Sarah Standring

Sunrise Teacher & PFO Member

School Accountability Report Cards

School Accountability Report Cards Available

The current School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available online at the Elk Grove Unified School District website at  Both a long detailed format and a short executive summary are posted for parents to learn more about the schools in our community.

Each school’s SARC summarizes the school’s mission, goals, accomplishments, and highlights the school’s unique programs.  In addition, state law requires that the SARC contain all of the following: demographic data, school safety and climate for learning information, academic data, school completion rates, class sizes, teacher and staff information, curriculum and instruction descriptions, postsecondary preparation information, fiscal and expenditure data.

The federal law requires that SARCs contain reports concerning the “adequate yearly progress” of students in achieving state academic achievement standards; Title I Program Improvement status; graduation rates at the secondary level; and the extent to which “highly qualified” teachers are teaching core academic subjects.

A hard copy of these reports can be requested by visiting your child’s school office.  Additionally, these reports have been translated in Spanish and Hmong at schools with large populations of families who speak these languages.  Any questions regarding the SARCs can be answered by your child’s principal or by contacting Learning Support Services at 686-7712.

Sunrise Elementary’s School Accountability Report Cards can also be found year-round on our website under “General Info.

School Accountability Report Cards
Summary Report
Full-Length Report


Reporte de Responsabilidad Escolar Disponible 

El Reporte de Responsabilidad Escolar (SARC), está disponible en la página del Internet del Distrito Escolar Unificado de Elk Grove: . Una versión corta y una versión detallada se encuentran disponibles para que los padres se enteren más sobre las escuelas en nuestra comunidad.

Cada reporte escolar (SARC), contiene un resumen de la misión, metas, logros y eventos importantes de los programas únicos de cada escuela. Además, la ley estatal requiere que cada reporte, SARC, contenga la siguiente información: demografía, seguridad y ambiente de aprendizaje, información académica, taza de culminación escolar, tamaño de clases, información de maestros y otro personal, descripciones del currículo e instrucción,  preparación post-secundaria, información fiscal y del presupuesto.

La ley federal requiere que los reportes, SARC, contenga reportes concernientes al “progreso adecuado anual” de los estudiantes sobre el logro de las normas académicas; Estado de Mejoramiento Programa Título I; tazas de graduación en la educación secundaria; e información sobre “las calificaciones altas” de los maestros que están enseñando materias del currículo principal.

Una copia de estos reportes se puede obtener visitando la oficina escolar de su hijo.  Además, estos reportes han sido traducidos en español y  vietnamés, y hmong  especialmente para escuelas con grandes poblaciones estudiantiles que hablan estos lenguajes. Si usted tiene alguna duda, el director de la esuela le puede ayudar. O si usted prefiere se puede comunicar al Departamento de Servicios de Aprendizaje y Apoyo al 686-7712.


Tsev Kawm Ntawv Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm Muaj Lawm

(School Accountability Report Cards Available)

Xyoo no cov Tsev Kawm Ntawv Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm (SARC) muaj nyob hav koog tsev kawm ntawv Elk Grove Unified School District lub website  lawm. Taag nrho muaj ob daim ntawv, ib dlaim ntev heev qha txug taag nrho cov lug tseem ceeb tshaaj tawm ha ib dlaim tuab lu zog qha txug cov lu lug tseem ceeb xwb, muaj muab tso rua cov nam txiv tau lug kawm ntau ntxiv txug hab paub txug puab cov tsev kawm ntawv nyob huv puab lub zog.

Txhua lub tsev kawm ntawv nwg muaj nwg Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm (SARC) lug qha txug nwg lub tsev kawm ntawv cov dlej num tseem ceeb, cov hom phaj, cov kev kawm ntaub ntawv tau zoo (accomplistments), hab qha txug cov hoob zoo tseem ceeb kws muaj nyob huv puab lub tsev kawm ntawv.  Tsi taag le ntawd xwb, txuj cai nyob huv lub xeev nuav, xaav kom muaj taag nrho cov huv qaab nuav nyob huv Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm (SARC) hab xws le: muaj ntau npaum le caag hais neeg tuaj kawm ntawv nyob huv lub tsev kawm ntawv (demographic data), qha txug kev ncaaj nceeg nyob huv tsev kawm ntawv (school safety) hab saib puas muaj fuab cua zoo nyob rau lub tsev kawm ntawv lug rua txhua tug tub kawm (climate for learning information), qha tawm txug cov kev kawm ntawv (academic data), qha txug cov tub kawm kws tau kawm tav nyob huv lub tsev kawm ntawv (school completion rates), qha txug cov hoob saib muaj cov tub kawm coob npaum le caag (class sizes), qha txug cov xib fwb hab cov tub ua dlej num (teacher and staff information), qha txug cov kev qha ntawv hab cov lug qha tawm (curriculum and instruction descriptions), muaj kev paab qha npaaj txug txuj kev moog kawm qaib sab tom ntej (postsecondary preparation information), hab qha txug kev siv hab khaws nyaj txag (fiscal and expenditure data).

Tseem Fwv txuj cai xaav muaj nyob huv Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm (SARC) nuav muaj qha txug cov kev kawm nce moog zuj zug ntawm lub xyoo nuav (“adequate yearly progress”) rua cov tub kawm kws tau kawm tau zoo xws le txug txuj kev kawm qha lub hom phaj tau tsim muaj lug ntawm lub xeev (state academic achievement standards); qhu txug Title I cov kev kawm qha nce tau zoo (Program Improvement Status); qha txug kev kawm ntawv tav nyob rua theem ob tom ntej (graduation rates at the secondary level); hab qha txug cov xib fwb kws “muaj peev xwm heev” kws tav qha cov hoob tseem ceeb (“highly qualified” teachers are teaching core academic subjects) nyob huv tsev kawm ntawv.

Yog xaav tau Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug qha Tawm nuav, thov moog has hab muab tau tom koj tug tub kawm lub tsev kawm ntawv lub tsev tog txais.  Tuaj ntxiv moog, dlaim ntawv nauv twb muab txhais ua lug Mev hab Hmoob lawm nyob huv cov tsev kawm ntawv kws muaj cov tsev neeg coob kws has cov lug nuav.  Yog koj muaj lug nug dlaab tsi txug Dlaim Ntawv Cev Lug Qha Tawm (SARC) nuav, thov moog ntsib koj tug tub kawm tug thawj coj los yog hu rua Learning Support Services at 686-7712.

Yearbook Make-Up Picture Day 11-Noon (3/13/17)


Are you a new Sunrise Spartan? Did your child miss picture day in August? Excel Photographers will be in the MP on Monday, March 13th from 11:00 – Noon to do make-up photos for the yearbook for students on ALL TRACKS. This includes A track students who will be off-track at the time. No other make-up photo sessions will be made available.  Say Cheese!

Paperback Book Exchange (A & B 3/1) (C & D 3/16)

In Celebration of Read Across America Day, Sunrise Elementary will participate in a paperback book exchange. Here is a way for your child to get new-to-them books! Students will be asked to bring in “gently used” paperback books from home on their designated day, then they will be able to take that same number of new-to-them books home! Students MUST have a SIGNED parent permission form to participate in this program. Please look in your child’s Wednesday Folder for more information.

A & B Track Form: bring books on Wednesday, 3/1 & pick new books Thursday, 3/2
C & D Track Form: bring books on Thursday, 3/16 & pick new books on Friday, 3/17

*Please do NOT bring books early as there we do not have a location to store the books.

Read Across America Week (2/27 – 3/3)

Dear Sunrise Families,

In the spirit of Read Across America Week, all Sunrise students are invited to dress up during the week of February 26th. Please see the back of this flyer for each day’s designated way to dress! Also, the TK-2nd grade students will have a special assembly on Tuesday the 28th where the City of Rancho Cordova will be presenting each TK-2nd grade student a book. Students will get an opportunity to participate in a special song and a reading pledge during this assembly.

Read Across America Week 2017
Monday, Feb. 27th Fox in Socks Day- Wear your craziest socks
Tuesday, Feb. 28th Thing 1 & Thing 2 Day- Dress like a Thing or a Twin
Wednesday, March 1st Cat in the Hat Day- Wear a crazy hat
Thursday, March 2nd- Green Eggs and Ham Day- Wear green
Friday, March 3rd Book Character Day- Dress like a book character
Dress up and show your school spirit!

Some fun links to Dr. Seuss related sites:–seuss/

Read Across America Pledge:
(by: Debra Angstead, Missouri-NEA)

I promise to read Each day and each night.
I know it’s the key To growing up right.
I’ll read to myself, I’ll read to a crowd.
It makes no difference If silent or loud.
I’ll read at my desk, At home and at school,
On my bean bag or bed, By the fire or pool.
Each book that I read Puts smarts in my head,
‘Cause brains grow more thoughts The more they are fed.
So I take this oath To make reading my way
Of feeding my brain What it needs every day.

STORKS – Track Change Day Movie (3/3/17)


Join us on Track Change Day, Friday, March 3rd for Minimum Day Movie Day …Featuring STORKS.

1st – 6th grade students are welcome to stay 12:45 – 2:45. ALL $7 tickets include after school care and meal deal (pizza & water).

**Kindergarten & TK are welcome to come when accompanied by an adult ONLY.**

Attendance and Food MUST be pre-ordered and pre-PAID by Friday, February 24th. See your child’s Wednesday Folder for order form or download the 1st -6th grade form or the TK/K form here.

“Screenagers” @ KAMS (2/15/17)

The Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) is committed to the goal of providing students with 21st century skills required in a global economy. One way we are working towards this goal is through our district wide Digital Citizenship curriculum. In partnership with Common Sense Media, Elk Grove Unified School District presents age appropriate curriculum to all K-12 students in the district in the four areas of Digital Citizenship: Cyberbullying, Digital Footprint, Protecting Privacy, and Intellectual Property.
In conjunction with the Elk Grove Unified School District’s Digital Citizenship program, our KAMS School Social Science Department and ASB will be hosting A Digital Citizenship- Parent University Family Night screening of the documentary, “Screenagers” on February 15, 2017 at 6 pm at Katherine L. Albiani Middle School followed by a question and answer session with administrators, staff and counselors. All members of the community are invited to attend. You may RSVP for this screening at This is just one of the many activities planned for students by ASB during #unfollowbullying week at KAMS.
Katherine L. Albiani Middle School will then be presenting the documentary film “Screenagers” to all of our students through their Social Science classes in the weeks following the Parent University. A synopsis from the film’s website describes the program as, “Screenagers probes into the vulnerable corners of family life, including the director’s own, and depicts messy struggles, over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction. Through surprising insights from authors and brain scientists solutions emerge on how we can empower kids to best navigate the digital world.” The trailer for the film can be viewed here
Since this critically acclaimed film is district approved, but not part of our standard Digital Citizenship curriculum; we would appreciate community support in providing this film to our students. If you’d like to make a donation to assist in offsetting the cost of providing this important resource for our students, you may either make a donation by sending cash or check to KAMS with your child. Checks can be made payable to: “KAMS – Screenagers” and turned into the Student Store during your child’s lunch period. There will also be a station set up at Parent University for anyone interested in making a donation.
We look forward to seeing your family on February 15, 2017 at the Digital Citizenship Parent University Night.

Yearbook Pre-Order Sales

Pre-Order your 2016-2017 Sunrise Yearbook for $20 online only!  All orders must be submitted no later than February 28th! All students interested in purchasing a Yearbook are encouraged to pre-order as there will be a limited number of yearbooks available for sale towards the end of the school year. PFO will not be able to guarantee that Yearbooks will be available. Don’t miss out pre-order before the end of February.


Do you have some pics from events, field trips, or classroom activities that you would like to share?  Please email them to


APEX Fun Run (A&B 2/9/17; C&D 4/6/17)

A & B Track Parents! Your Apex Fun Run is scheduled for Thursday, February 9th!
(C & D Track: Kick-off Day, March 27th – Run Day, April 6th)

Join our school’s LEGEND Team! Apex is a fundraising program that focuses on fitness and building leadership skills in our students while earning money for our school’s technology program. A small portion of the proceeds will also go directly to your child’s teacher.

Here are a few key details about the program:
*Login to with the access code from your child’s lanyard (AKA Pledge Kit) for your FREE T-Shirt.
*Students will participate in daily lessons on leadership and will receive wrist bands with the day’s focus.
*Students will run 26-36 laps total. Sponsors donating on a per lap basis will be capped at 36 laps ($1/lap = $36 donation).
*Flat donations are also accepted. For prize purposes, every $30 accumulated in flat donations are equivalent to $1/lap. ($30 = $1/lap prize reward; $60 = $2/lap prize reward; $90 = $3/lap prize reward) Prize rewards can be found on the back page of your Pledge Kit lanyard.
*Pledges can be paid online before or after the race and there will be a link to share your child’s fundraising page to your personal social media once you log in with your access code.

We are looking for volunteers! Please contact us @ if you are able to help out.

Sunrise Elementary School
APEX Fun Run – Continency Schedule
Held in MPR
Time Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:45-9:30 5th Grade (A/B):
Fox, Vermette, Butz
A Track Kinder AM and A track 1st grade:
Suine, Donald, Weshner
2nd Grade (A/B):
Hanaman, Jendricks, Kinney,
9:45-10:30 6th Grade (A/B):
Linn, Rotenberg, Brown
B Track Kinder AM and B Track 1st grade:
Stanger, Haynes, Kroll
3rd Grade (A/B):
Ambrose, Casey, Fujitsubo
1:45-2:30 4th Grade (A/B):
Brooks, Harding, Schmeh
Kinder PM A/B:
Stecca, Harris, Aboukhadijeh, Burkes/Dittrich
2nd/3rd B Track;
Standring, Holt






Never quit

Go out and Do it


UNITY Carnival planning Meeting (2/1/17 @ 7 PM)

Come one, come all to the Sunrise Elementary CommUNITY Carnival (Friday, April 28th) planning meeting!

Wednesday, February 1st @ 7 PM in the Sunrise Elementary Library

We are seeking volunteers to help with various planning committees and would love your input!

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