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EGUSD’s Upcoming Common Core State Standards Night

The Elk Grove Unified School District will host an informational evening on the Common Core State Standards for parents and staff on April 23. Translators for Hmong, Spanish and Vietnamese will be available at the meeting.

April 23, 2014 – Supporting Students through the CCSS Transition

This meeting will address the following questions:

  • How will students show what they have learned?
  • How can I support my child at home?

Time: 6:30 p.m.-8 p.m.

Location: EGUSD Board Room, Robert L. Trigg Education Center, 9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove

Refreshments will be provided. All are welcome to attend.

School Site Council Meeting to Discuss LCAP- please read

 March 29, 2014

Sunrise Parents:

In June of 2013, Governor Jerry Brown signed into law one of the most significant changes to the way California’s school districts are funded. The new system – the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) – changes the way the State of California allocates funds to school districts. The LCFF provides base funding for all students as well as supplemental and concentration funding to support students from low income families, English Learners, and foster youth. The LCFF went into effect as of July 1, 2013.

Under the new funding rules, school districts are required to adopt a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) that describes the actions, services, and expenditures that support student growth. The LCAP clarifies how programs/services will be measurably improved in quantity or quality, proportionate to the increase in funding. It also requires the engagement of parents, staff, students and other stakeholders in the building of the LCAP. The LCAP is a three year plan that must be adopted by July 1, 2014, and updated each year. School sites write individual LCAP plans under the guidelines established in the district LCAP.

EGUSD is in the process of building their LCAP. We at Sunrise are building ours as well. Our Sunrise Leadership Team and teachers have generated a number of goal areas where, independently or with the support of EGUSD, our program needs to grow.

On Tuesday, April 2, 2014, the Sunrise School Site Council will review our proposed Sunrise LCAP at their meeting to be held in the Sunrise library from 6-7PM. All interested parents and community members are welcome to attend.

The state of California has set three broad LCAP priorities that districts and schools must address: conditions of learning, pupil outcomes, and engagement. Each of these categories has multiple sub-categories to guide the decision-making and goal-setting process.

Sunrise is currently considering the following goal areas:

 School Climate and Culture – Adapting and improving our existing climate, organizational structures, and communication systems as we transition to a year-round calendar (Engagement)

 Continue our progress in the implementation of the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the areas of Mathematics and Language Arts (Conditions of Learning)

*Improve student math performance based on benchmark data collected during the 13-14 school year at all grade levels (Pupil Outcomes)

*Continue the development of Professional Learning Communities around mathematics instruction through participation in the Bechtel Math Generation Grant Program. (Conditions of Learning)

*Develop students’ writing skill in the areas of Evidence Based and Argument Writing (Pupil Outcomes)

 Participate in future plans by EGUSD to align the student report card with CCSS and explore possible intermediate steps as a school site. (Pupil Outcomes & Engagement)

 Increase student access to and the integration of technology into the curriculum and its application to student assessment. (Pupil Outcomes)

 Increase student support systems through Positive Behavior Intervention Systems (PBIS), Intervention Programs for students that struggle academically and/or behaviorally and programs for the Gifted and Talented. (Conditions of Learning & Pupil Outcomes)

Funding for LCAP

– For the 14-15 school year, funding is expected to remain equal to 13-14 levels. Sunrise will likely have a working budget of approximately $6,000 that is restricted to providing services to English Language Learners. The funding levels are supposed to increase over the next several years. Our ability to accomplish some of our goals will be funding dependent. Whatever the funding level, we will continue to work to provide our students with a world-class education and to keep our close partnership with the community.


Judy E. Hunt-Brown, Principal

School Accountability Report Cards Available

Our current School Accountability Report Card (SARC) is available online at the Elk Grove Unified School District website at Both a long detailed format and a short executive summary are posted for parents to learn more about the schools in our community.
Each school’s SARC summarizes the school’s mission, goals, accomplishments, and highlights the school’s unique programs. In addition, state law requires that the SARC contain all of the following: demographic data, school safety and climate for learning information, academic data, school completion rates, class sizes, teacher and staff information, curriculum and instruction descriptions, postsecondary preparation information, fiscal and expenditure data.
The federal No Child Left Behind law requires that SARCs contain reports concerning the “adequate yearly progress” of students in achieving state academic achievement standards; Title I Program Improvement status; graduation rates at the secondary level; and the extent to which “highly qualified” teachers are teaching core academic subjects.
A hard copy of these reports can be requested by visiting your child’s school office. Additionally, these reports have been translated in Spanish and Hmong at schools with large populations of families who speak these languages. Any questions regarding the SARCs can be answered by your child’s principal or by contacting Learning Support Services at 686-7712.

EGUSD Board of Education seeks Finance Committee

The Elk Grove Unified Board of Education (EGUSD) would like to invite interested applicants to serve in one of three open positions on the Board’s advisory Finance Committee.

“We welcome community involvement in our District and appreciate the dedication of those individuals who take an opportunity to serve in this area of public education,” said EGUSD Board President Priscilla S. Cox.

The function of the Finance Committee is to serve in an advisory capacity to the Elk Grove Unified School District Board of Trustees on matters pertaining to District finances. The Committee provides community input that is shared with the Board of Education. It is comprised of community members appointed by each Board member and the Superintendent and three community members appointed by the entire Board of Education. Finance Committee Members serve two-year terms.

The Committee is assisted by non-voting district staff members including the Associate Superintendent of Finance and School Support, Director of Fiscal Services and other staff as needed. Student representatives from the District’s high schools provide feedback on financial impact at their school sites.

The functions of the Finance Committee are to:

  • review the annual budget and interim financial reports and comment when deemed necessary;
  • provide opinions on current fiscal strategies for the district;
  • identify potential fiscal problems and refer them to the Board of Education for analysis;
  • provide an annual written report of the committee’s activities to the Board;
  • provide any oral presentations to the BOE at the Board’s request or at the committee’s initiative; and
  • serve as an ad hoc resource or provide specific research or study as requested by the Board.

Applicants must live within the District’s 320 square mile boundary and be 18-years-old or over.

To apply, please fill out the EGUSD Finance Committee Application by clicking here. Applications are due to Arlene Hein, Board Secretary, no later than 5 p.m. on March 5, 2014.  They can be emailed to [email protected] or mailed or delivered to:

Arlene Hein
Robert L. Trigg Education Center
9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road
Elk Grove, CA 95624

Hmong  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese

If Your Child Will Be Attending Albiani Next Year…

If your 6th grade son/daughter will be attending Albiani Middle School next year, please download and read the attached file for important information regarding orientations for students and parents.



Common Core Standards

Sunrise Parents,

The Elk Grove Unified School District is committed to ensuring that our staff, parents, and students understand the changes taking place with the Common Core State Standards.  To further these efforts, the District has developed a new newsletter, Getting to the Core of the Matter, that will be distributed monthly through April.  Please click on the attached pdf to read Getting to the Core of the Matter Vol.2.

Additionally, EGUSD is sponsoring a series of CCSS Parent Nights.  The next scheduled parent night is:

February 26, 2014 – Getting to Know the Common Core State Standards

  • How      might Common Core instruction look different from when I was in school?
  • How      do Common Core State Standards impact me as a parent?

Time:  6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Location:  EGUSD Board Room, Robert L. Trigg Education Center, 9510 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove

I encourage all Sunrise parents to make use of these new informative resources.


Mrs. Hunt-Brown

Final EGUSD Getting to the Core of the Matter Volume 2

Common Core Standards

Getting to the Core of the Matter:

The Elk Grove Unified School District is committed to ensuring that our staff, parents and students understand the changes taking place with the Common Core State Standards. To further these efforts, the District has developed a new newsletter “Getting to the Core of the Matter” that will be distributed monthly from now through April.

“Getting to the Core of the Matter” is intended to continue to build on parents’ understanding of Common Core State Standards and to provide resources for their child. The Elk Grove Unified School District is now in its second year of implementing Common Core State Standards. Teachers have gone through and will continue to attend professional development trainings to help them teach these new standards to students.  Resources and information for teachers can be found under EGUSD’s Educators CCSS webpage.

More information and resources for parents and the community can be found on EGUSD’s CCSS Parents webpage. To view the first volume of Getting to the Core of the Matter, click on one of the languages below.

Getting to the Core of the Matter Volume 1

English  |  Hmong  |  Spanish  |  Vietnamese

2014-15 Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, and New Student Registration

Registration packets for Kindergarten, Transitional Kindergarten, and new students for the 2014-15 school year will available on Tuesday, January 7th at 7:30AM.  In order to be eligible for Kindergarten (K) in 2014-15 school year, a child must turn five by September 1, 2014.  Transitional Kindergarten (TK) is available for children who will turn five between September 2 and December 2, 2014.

On January 7th, priority numbered registration packets will be distributed.  The completed packet and required accompanying information are due back to the school office no later than 3:30PM on Monday, February 3, 2014, in order to maintain your date and time of registration and packet number priority.  Packets returned after February 3, 2014 will be given a new registration number based on the date and time that the completed registration packet is returned.

To submit a completed registration packet, the following documentation is required:

  • Birth Certificate
  • Immunization Records
  • Proof of Residence (SMUD or PG&E bill, purchase papers for you home, or rental/lease agreement)

You will also be submitting a request for preferred AM/PM assignment and track assignment as Sunrise will be moving to a year-round calendar for the 14-15 school year.

 Since the foyer in our office is very small, as we did last year, we will be distributing registration packets in our multipurpose room.  January 7th will be a very busy day in the school office.  In addition to Kindergarten registration,  it is also the first day students return from Winter Break.  We would ask your assistance by waiting to return any completed packets until the following day.  When coming to the office to submit a completed packet, please be aware that the packet must be reviewed by office staff before it is stamped and accepted.  This process can take ten to fifteen minutes.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Sunrise Spartan school community!

Students currently enrolled for the 2013-14 school year, including current Transitional Kindergarten students, will automatically be registered for the 2014-15 school year.  Parents of current Sunrise students do not need to take any action. Parents of current TK students, we be contacted to designate your track preference.

If you have neighbors who eldest child may be kinder age, please share this information.


Mrs. Hunt-Brown


Year Round Track Request Forms

Dear Sunrise Parents and Guardians:

Today your child will be bringing home a Year Round Track Request Form with accompanying letter of explanation.  The form is printed on pink paper so that it may be more easily recognized.  Completion and return of this form by Friday, November 22nd is extremely important. The link below will take you to a copy of the request form.  The text of the letter of explanation is noted below.

Since the date of the parent information meetings held in September, several additional initiatives have been added into our work at Sunrise.  For this reason, I have moved forward the timeline for the collection of track request information forward in order to better manage the change process (original date was mid-January).

When making your track request, carefully analyze the off-track of vacation months to determine which track will best meet the needs of your family. Track assignment will be made by date and time of registration for the oldest child currently enrolled in Sunrise K-5. Our target date for notification of track assignment is late February.

Year Round Track Request Form

October 30, 2013

Dear Sunrise Parents:  

On the reverse side of this letter is the Year Round Track Request Form for our move to a year-round calendar for the 14-15 school year.  In order to more effectively manage the transition,  I have moved forward the track selection process from February to November.   Completed forms are due no later than 4:00PM on Friday, November 22, 2013.  A form is required for each child enrolled at Sunrise K-5.

Please review carefully the vacation, or off-track months, for each of the four tracks when making your selection. The calendar for the 14-15 school year will not be available until spring of next year.  The off-track dates on the form are for the current school year, but should vary by only a few days for 14-15.  When reviewing track options you may wish to log onto the EGUSD website at and click on the calendar tab.

Track placements will be made based on date and time of registration of the oldest child currently enrolled in Sunrise K-5.  By moving the track request process forward, our targeted date for notification of assigned track is the end of February. This earlier timeline will inform parents sooner and help us manage the field testing for California’s new assessment system scheduled to begin in March.

Your assistance in returning Track Selection forms by the stated deadline of November 22nd, will be a great help in this process. Failure to return a Track Selection form by the deadline, could result in loss of placement priority by registration date.



Mrs. Hunt-Brown

Red Ribbon Week

October 28th – November 1st


Let’s Say “NO” to drugs by showing our school spirit all week long! Please remember that school dress code still applies during dress up days!

*Monday (10/28)– “I’m a JEAN-ious and RED-y to  say “NO” to Drugs!” (Wear jeans and a red shirt)

*Tuesday (10/29) – “Put a Cap on Drugs!” (Wear a hat)

*Wednesday (10/30) – “Sock it to Drugs!” (Wear crazy socks)

*Thursday (10/31) – “Give Drugs the Boot” (Wear boots)

*Friday (11/1) – “Follow your dreams, not Drugs!” (Wear pajamas)

English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting

Dear Parents and Guardians:

You are cordially invited to our English Language Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 6:00 pm.  The purpose of ELAC is to assist and advise the school in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of programs for English learners. 

The ELAC meeting will be held in the library.  We would like to provide you with information related to our English Language Development (ELD) program and receive your input on how we can continue to improve learning for all students.

We look forward to your presence.  Thanks for your time and consideration.

Yours truly,
Tamela L. Moore
Vice Principal

Reminder for Participants in Runnin’ for Rhett

Training begins the week of October 2nd through the November 1st. Training days are Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30-3:30. 

All participants MUST commit to attending the RUN BECAUSE YOU CAN 5K in Sacramento on Sunday, November 3rd, 2013 (Transportation will not be provided).

  • Parents and family members may also join us for the 5K race.  To register: go to . You can use the code “Sunrise” when registering to receive a $5 discount.
  • This is the first year that there will be an actual finishers’ medal. It’s pretty cool looking! 
  • On November 10, The Runnin’ For Rhett – Youth Fitness Program Committee will be hosting their annual Rollin’ For Rhett Skating party. All YFP participants get in free with their bib from the RBYC race.   Parents/teachers are only $10!