Hello Spartan families,

We have another wonderful music opportunity for our students coming our way. The Mandarins Music Academy will be hosting band and choir classes at Sunrise Elementary. Band will be open to 4th-6th grade students (possibly 3rd grade students who are experienced), and choir is open to all K-6 students. Director Jim Tabuchi of The Mandarins will be available for parents of students on ALL tracks the evening of August 22 from 5:30-7:00 outside the multipurpose room. The Mandarins staff can answer questions, take registrations, and they plan to host an instrument “petting zoo” where kids can try different instruments. Families can also register at www.mandarins.org.

So we now have two opportunities to connect our growing musicians- The Sacramento Performing Arts Conservatory (contact Clara Litman or Oxalis Nguyen at www.sacramentoconservatory.com) for piano/keyboards and violin instruction, and The Sacramento Mandarins Music Academy for woodwind instruments/band and choir lessons. We encourage all interested families to register soon as our music and choir programs are dependent upon enrollment.

Thank you and happy music making!