What is the EGUSD Incident Reporting System and when would I use it?
The EGUSD Incident Reporting System is a newly added reporting tool now available online for students, parents or community members to report incidents. For emergencies and/or urgent situations requiring immediate help, please call 911 or contact EGUSD’s Safety and Security office at (916) 686-7786.


How do I access the Incident Reporting System?
The Incident Reporting System can be accessed from anywhere online through a unique link located on every school’s website.


Do I need to give my name or other personal information to submit an incident report?
No. You do not need to give your name or identify yourself when you make a report using the online Incident Reporting System. There is an option to identify yourself and leave contact information if you wish to communicate with the Incident Response Team.


What types of issues can I report through the online Incident Reporting System?

·         Bullying – Bullying includes verbal, non-verbal, physical or emotional acts against another student either in person, via electronic device or online.

·         Damage or Harm to School or Property – Damage or harm to school property includes intentional destruction to the school or school property in a harmful or malicious manner.

·         Discrimination or Harassment – Discrimination or harassment includes acts against another person on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion, age, or personal beliefs, either in person, via electronic device or online.

·         Harm to Self or Others – Harm includes intent or desire to injure yourself or others.


What happens once I submit an incident report?
Incident reports are received by administration when they are filed, and they are reviewed as soon as possible. All reports are taken seriously and are acted upon in a timely manner. As each incident is different, each will warrant a different reaction and timeline for action. Keep in mind, this process can only be as thorough as the information provided.


If I have photos or videos of an incident, can I upload them when submitting a report?
Yes. You may upload photos and include links to video when submitting a report.