Red Ribbon Week

October 22 – 26

Respect Yourself!  Be Drug Free.

Monday          Wear Red.  Kick Off Day. 

Classes: Tie red ribbons on front fence near the cafeteria side door.

Tuesday         Wear athletic shoes.  Choices Day.  We choose to Walk out on Drugs. 

                        Classes:  Start recess with a run or walk around the field.

Wednesday    Wear crazy socks.   Feelings day.   Sock it to Drugs.

Classes:  Talk about how crazy socks are for fun.  Discuss how feelings affect our choices.  We want healthy choices for our minds as well as our body.  Doing fun things that are healthy last longer.

Thursday       Wear sunglasses.  Choices Day.  Shade out drugs. 

Classes:  Remember it’s still all about choices.  Making good, healthy, safe choices.

Friday             Wear a cap.  Pledge day.  Put a cap on drugs.

Classes:  Make good, healthy, safe choices and eliminate drug use for yourself, friends and family.