Hi Stone Lake Families,

 In our continued effort to Go Green, Stone Lake PTO has set up a YEAR ROUND eWaste fundraiser.  It’s a great way to support PTO.

 The holidays are coming.  It’s a great excuse to clean your house . . . get rid of the old stuff to make room for the new stuff.  Just go online to www.eWaste4good.com and fill out the form.  Make sure you select Stone Lake PTO as your fundraiser recipient.  They will come to your house.  Check the attached map for areas they will pick up.  Also it was advised to leave all pick-up items on your driveway because if you place it on the curb or street, anyone can take it.  The process is simple and easy.  All proceeds will go towards our TECHNOLOGY FUND.

 Please feel free to forward to any family or friends you know may have need eWaste pick-up.  Thank you for your support.     

 Stone Lake PTO 


Items they pickup, working or not:

 All Televisions Video Games

Computer Monitors Computers

Fax Machines Calculators

Desktop Copiers Cell Phones

Telephones Printers

Vacuum Cleaners Speakers

Keyboards Scanners

Mice Laptops

Networking Equipment Power Tools

Misc Wires and Cords Small Appliances

Household Phones Stereo Systems

Medical Equipment And Much More!

All electronics are recycled locally in California. CEW #106178

We also do free business and residential pickups throughout Northern California.

Please visit www.eWaste4good.com to schedule.