My Trip to San Diego

midwayToday’s guest blogger, Jonah, recently took a family trip. Read to find out where and leave a comment.

Hi, my name is Jonah, and last weekend I went to San Diego. It was very exciting and we saw many tremendous sights, such as the Embarcadero, a harbor in San Diego. My dad got to play baseball on the field next to it. It was so fun. We got to see this air show honoring the        U. S. Navy. At the air show we got to see the flyover of the amazing Blue Angels! I thought it was pretty awesome. Plus, we got to see this antique fighter jets used in World War II. There were dozens of them flying all over the place!

One of my most favorite places in San Diego was the Midway, an aircraft carrier used in World War II, just like those jets. It was used so planes could launch into war and land to get more fuel. I was amazed how the planes could land and launches off such a small platform. One of my favorite parts was when we got to see this fighter jet used in the movie “Top Gun.” What’s your favorite vacation place to go to?

200 Yards Away!

untitledToday’s guest blogger, Evan, loves to play golf. Read to find out more and leave a comment.

I love golf! I have been golfing for about one year now and I am able to hit up to 200 yards. Wow! I am in “First Tee” which is a Junior Golf Program. My favorite clubs are my woods and angle wedge. My favorite course is Bing Maloney. It has a driving range and two courses. Have you ever played GOLF?