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bballToday’s guest blogger, Kenny, likes to do many different things outside of school. Read to find out exactly what he does and leave a comment.

Hello! My name is Kenneth A.K.A. Kenny. I am here to tell you what I like to do after school. I spend most of my weekends outside playing basketball or inside playing video games. On weekdays after school I either have basketball practice, play with LEGOS, or have a basketball game, or go to my brothers basketball games. At breakfast, I read the bible. I usually read “Genisess” chapters 1-10 about the creation of the world. That’s a lot isn’t it? What do you like to do after school?

11 thoughts on “What I Do After School…

  1. Nice job my active friend. You like to do a lot after school. What I like to do after school is play outside with my friends. We ride bikes, listen to music, and or play basketball in our court. After we all wear ourselves out, we go inside to play some video games. If it’s a really HOT day, I’d be outside all day long climbing trees and having fun. That’s what I do after school.

  2. Hi Kenneth,

    I see that you stuck with the fun stuff that you like to do after school, SMILE.

    I like the fact that you do many different things after school. I enjoyed reading your blog.

    Mommy loves you!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading your comments. You are definitely a busy young man. Stay focused on the good things in life! When I was your age I would come home from school, eat a box of Captain Crunch (yes, a box!), take a nap then awake to find dinner waiting for me (ahhhhh, the good old days). As always, I am very proud of you. Stay strong, stay focused, stay you! Love, peace and hair grease!

  4. You have lots of great activities that you do after school (and before school, when you read your Bible during breakfast)! It’s great to have lots of different interests. Participating in different activities like that helps you build a well-rounded personality. When I was in school I was just as busy. I was a cheerleader, a majorette (the ONLY majorette), in the Science Club, the French club, a modeling club, and lots of other stuff. I guess it runs in the family! 🙂 I love you, and keep up the great work!!!

  5. Good job Kenny! I do alot of stuff after school. But most of all I like to play with my LEGOS.

  6. Hi Kenny, my name is Dino and I’m from Miss T’s class in New Zealand. It’s funny because you’re exactly like me. I play basketball and I love video games. Plus, I love Lego as well. But the strangest thing of all is that I go to a catholic school it’s very weird isn’t it.

  7. Good job!!! I do some stuff after school like cheer and Awana but I would love to do more outside activities.

  8. Well, when I get out of school I do my homework.Then I eat dinner around 5:30 while I wait, I play outside for a little bit then I go to band and soccer practice. Sometimes I go to my grandmas house.

  9. Hi There! My name is Nini, I do quite a lot of things after school.
    When I get home ~ Of course the first thing I do is eat… XD and take a little rest before I get into my homework. After that I do my daily requirements that my mom definitely expects me to do such as, pray, Keeping my room spotless, exercise, etc. After that, I just fool around for quite a while until my mom comes home from work… Then, I wait for her to change and then we eat dinner, which is around 6:30-7:05 in the evening.

  10. The first thing I do after school is go for the mail. Secondly, I have a nice snack. Then I do my homework. If I don’t get homework that day, I either write a story or watch T.V. After that I take a shower, then read for about 30 minutes. Finally, I go to sleep.

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