Passion for Music

imagesCAYBA1Y3Today’s guest blogger, Madison, loves to play the piano. Read to find out why and leave a comment.

I love the sound of music! I have a great passion for the piano. Like my piano teacher says, “practice makes perfect.” The piano makes such creative music. With additional musical instruments you can create or make up your own music. I really enjoy playing the piano. If you were to play an instrument, what would you play?

9 thoughts on “Passion for Music

  1. Hi, I love to play the guitar. I just love how you can just randomly pluck the strings and you have some cool music of your very own. I also love how the slim design is comforting when you play the instrument. Although I am not that good as a guitar player who rocks the roof off, I still am learning how to play it and still have a cool, strong passion for playing this instrument. If you play the guitar, what kind of music do you play?

  2. Wow Madi good job! I play the Clarinet but I really want to play the Pipe Flute or the Guitar. Sometimes I just play random notes on the piano just for fun. This summer I am going to get Guitar lessons from my uncle!

  3. My passion for music is very graceful and soothing. I used to play the Alto Saxophone, which I really enjoyed. It is also fun to listen too. Sometimes I feel like that I can be in my own world while I’m playing it. That is how I feel about my passion for music.

  4. Hello everybody! My name is Nini, and I do think I would enjoy playing a guitar. I’ve always had a dream about playing a guitar but I never really had a chance to take lessons! I do own a Castelli, which I believe is a type of Japanese Guitar? I do plan on taking lesson sometime next year. The sooner the better! I am determined to play the guitar because I enjoy singing ALOT! I love singing very much. Actually, I sing everywhere I go. I sing Country to Pop music, from the early morning until I reach school to the very last seconds of the day I sing on and on. I believe that is my special talent. So, I thought it would be an amazing experience to pair up my voice with an instrument that makes such outstanding notes like the guitar!

  5. I would really like to play the piano because I got the inspiration from Beethoven and his songs on the piano like my favorite, Fur Elise.

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