Physical Therapy in a Public School Setting

In a school-based practice, Physical Therapists (PTs) view disability in terms of the ways in which a child is faced with activity limitations and participation restrictions instead of a focus on projected limitations of a singular diagnosis, disease or disorder

In a school-based practice, the PT staff support a child’s ability to gain access to and make progress in the school curriculum vs. rehabilitating to maximum potential a singular diagnosis, disease or disorder.

PTs are health professionals whose purpose is to correct, facilitate or adapt the student’s functional mobility, accessibility and use of assistive devices for the listed issues.

Areas of need which can be addressed by a PT can include: management of orthopedic problems in the trunk and lower extremities, gait training, mobility skills, positioning, range of motion, use of equipment and specific muscle strength and endurance.

If you have questions about physical therapy services, please contact your child’s site-based case manager.