Occupational Therapy in a Public School Setting

In a school-based practice, OTs view disability in terms of the ways in which a child is faced with activity limitations and participation restrictions instead of a focus on projected limitations of a singular diagnosis, disease or disorder.

In a school-based practice, the OT staff support a child’s ability to gain access to and make progress in the school curriculum vs. rehabilitating to maximum potential a singular diagnosis, disease or disorder.

OTs are health professionals whose purpose in a public school setting is to support a child’s engagement and participation in daily goal-directed activities (“occupations”) which engage the student in meaningful, organized and self-directed actions that create independence, prevent or minimize disability and maintain health.

Areas of need which can be addressed by OT can include: refining motor skills, spatial relationships, visual perceptual skills, sensory motor function and environmental adaptations.

If you have questions about occupational therapy services, please contact your child’s site-based case manager.