The EGUSD provides speech and language services to students who present with mild to severe speech/language disabilities.  Disabilities in oral language range from articulation, apraxia, fluency, syntax, morphology and language processing to pragmatics and hard of hearing.

Each comprehensive Elementary, Middle and High School sites provides speech and language services to eligible students. PreK students who present with severe speech disabilities are served through the district’s intense autism program, language development programs and integrated preschool classes. Young students who present with mild speech and language concerns are generally served by the therapist at their neighborhood school.

Students who may be in need of strategies that will assist them in the classroom may receive Response to Intervention support from the LSH specialist to address general speech and language concerns for the parent and classroom teacher.

 Students’ needs are also served through a collaboration service delivery model with other site service providers to meet the special language needs in the least restrictive environment.