The focus of the Elk Grove Unified School District Adult Transition Program (ATP) is to provide for maximum independence for young adults with differing intellectual abilities (ages of 18-22) in the areas of independent living, vocational experiences, community integration, and recreation/leisure. Additionally, it is within these areas that the young adults and their families work collaboratively with district staff and community stakeholders in determining individual needs, personal interests, and required skills. The team also develops strategic plans for leading independent, productive lives.

Curricular and instructional methodologies are congruent with activities of age appropriate adults and are in line with individual student goals. A variety of instructional strategies are used that promote skills used in adult life. Classroom instruction culminates in real world experiences. Students participate in community based instruction and are provided opportunities for contact, interaction, and integration with a variety of community resources and local businesses.

Instruction covers:
Social Behavior, Self-Help: domestic skills, self care, self advocacy, personal safety, sexuality
Mobility: public transportation, directional skills, ambulation (as needed)
Functional Academics: ELA – emergency signs, directional signs, personal information, math (money, budgets, time, counting, matching)
Job Readiness and Training: link with community agencies and WorkAbility staff, campus and community based job skill practice

Through classroom project-based learning, students design, create, promote, market and sell items to better prepare themselves for a productive future once they leave the educational system. Please visit and subscribe to JoAnn Milligan’s EGUSD ATP blog for examples of the high quality activities and instruction provided in the Adult Transition Program.

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