AdPE is a service provided by a credentialed adapted physical education specialist to students who have needs that cannot be adequately satisfied in other physical education programs as indicated by an assessment and Individual Education Program (IEP) process. Adapted Physical Education services may be provided through direct instruction, team teaching, and/or collaborative consultation as long as appropriate goals and objectives are indicated and accurately monitored by the adapted physical education specialist. The frequency and duration of adapted physical education service will be based upon the needs of the student and will be noted in the services section of the IEP.

Increasing appropriate physical activity opportunities for all students regardless of their present levels of physical, social/adaptive, and cognitive performance is the focus of physical education. Quality physical education programs provide opportunities for students to attain gross motor, movement and sport skills that can be applied to physical activities across the life span. These skills include the ability to use one’s body in a variety of different ways improving the individual’s quality of life on a day-to-day basis.

If you have questions about AdPE services, please contact your child’s site-based case manager.