Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important. Staff members welcome your notes and calls.  Teachers are usually available to accept phone calls from 7:45 a.m. – 8:oo a.m. and immediately after school at 2:30 p.m. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical.

We also have email for parent/school communication. The email addresses are provided by clicking on the teacher’s name link below.

If you are concerned about something please:

  1. talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
  2. if the situation is still not resolved, please feel free to talk with an administrator.

Robin Riley

Vice Principal

Peter Lew

School Office Staff

Susan Clark  – School Secretary

Dawn Wirick  – School Office Assistant

Brandy Pennington – School Office Assistant


Miss. Arnoldy

Mrs. Bishop

Mr. Burke

Ms. Smith

Grade 1

Mrs. Keskeys

Mrs. Peterson/Mrs. Salas

Ms. Rebhan

Mrs. Wong

Grade 2

Ms. Lopus

Ms. Munsey

Mrs. Wasson

Mr. Watson

Mrs. Wood-Kilmer

Grade 2/3 Combo Class

Mrs. Prather-Payne

Grade 3

Ms. Beam

Mrs. Carda

Ms. Larbig

Mrs. Roth

Grade 4

Ms. Applegate

Miss. Landy

Mrs. Leones

Ms. Puett

Grade 5

Mr. Andrews

Mrs. Morgester/Mrs. Mifsud

Mrs. Stralen

Mrs. Vellanoweth

Grade 6

Mrs. Houghton

Mrs. Stoller

Mr. Yount

Mrs. Zavada

PALSS Program

Brandon Amato

Jesse Baggs

Amanda Briare

Ginna Johnson

Rosalina Landa

Christie Macrea Yokley

Kelly McPherson

Luisa Regalado

Michelle Trujillo

Nancy Vang


Mrs. Mackenzie

Resource Teachers

Mrs. Feickert-Miles

Mr. Ogden

Mrs. Thrall

Resource Specialist – Learning Center

Ms. Radabaugh

Mr. Wilson

School Psychologist

Ms. Banks

Speech and Language Therapist

 Ms. Jaggers

Inclusive Education Specialist

Maria Katsandres

Instructional Coach

Nicole Sutherland

School Nurse
Library Technician

Mrs. Sommer

Visual and Performing Arts

Mrs. Hoppner

Lead Custodian

Mr. Montgomery

Food and Nutrition

Ms. Sheila – Lead


Ms. Alon

Mrs. Beatty

Mrs. Henderson

Ms. Gotti

Ms. Morgan

Ms. Wayrynen

Yard Supervisors

Mr. Ceriani

Mr. Eyzaguirre

Ms. Thompson