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As Elk Grove Unified School District prepares to reopen for the In-Person Concurrent Instructional Model, the District will utilize the student information system via ParentVUE to have parents choose one of the following instructional models for their student:

  • Distance Learning 
    • Five (5) days per week 
  • In-Person/Concurrent 2-6th
    • Monday – Distance Learning for all; 
    • In-Person two (2) days per week and students will be assigned to either a Tuesday/Thursday or a Wednesday/Friday schedule; 
    • On non-in-person days, students will be learning through Distance Learning.
  1. Parent Choice Deadline

Parents are asked to indicate their choice of the Distance Learning or In-Person/Concurrent learning model through the online ParentVUE application by November 6, 2020. 

A parent’s choice for student placement may be changed up until November 6th through ParentVUE. After November 6th, parents must contact their school in order to discuss their choice or to make a change in their choice. 

  1. Parent Information for Making a Choice


Parents of 2-6th students should note that when students are learning in school, District issued Chromebooks will be required. Students will need to bring their already issued Chromebook for those going to the In-Person/Concurrent learning model and for those students who need a Chromebook, one will be issued. Teachers will be teaching both students in class and at home concurrently. 

Future Learning Schedules

  • Grades TK-K will retain the same teachers with adjusted schedules; in class learning is not concurrent with distance learning
  • Grade 1 will retain the same teachers with adjusted schedules; in class learning is not concurrent with distance learning
  • Grades 2-6 will retain current teachers and schedules 
  • Grades 7-12 (3X4 | 4X4) will retain current teachers and schedules 

School & Classroom Health and Safety

Parents can visit this web page for information on the school and classroom COVID-19 health and safety measures that will be in place to maintain a safe learning environment: EGUSD School and Classroom Health & Safety


Please note that transportation services will be available for special needs students, homeless and foster youth.

  1. Parent Resources for How To Make Their Learning Model Choice in ParentVUE

Parents who need either technical assistance accessing/using ParentVUE should contact their school. Parents may also utilize District resources through the Office of Family and Community Engagement. The following information and resources are available online for parents: 

If you have additional questions you can contact your student’s teacher or the office for help. 


Robin Riley 

Principal, Joseph Sims