Contacting A Sierra Enterprise Staff Member:
Staff members welcome your emails, notes and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. Teachers are usually available to accept phone calls from 7:30 am – 7:55 am and immediately after school. The office will take messages anytime and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.

Patricia Hecht

Vice Pricipal
Jodi Boyle

Front Office
Leanne Ely – School Secretary
Karen Stephens – Office Assistant
Jill Rogers Parent Liaison

Head Start Pre-School
Lisa Tang

AM Kindergarten

William Gould

PM Kindergarten

Charmaine Steele (Reyersbach)

First Grade
Joceline Berrios
Sandra Garza
Kristin Roberts

Second Grade
Kimberly Charleboix
Sheryl Draper

Third Grade
Katie Svensek (Hendricks)
Sylvia Molina

Fourth Grade
Cristina (Isabella) Bravo
Bonnie Smith

Fifth Grade
Roxanne Bishop
Stacy Gonzales

Sixth Grade
Erin Farrell /Erika Leiva
Virginia Dorman

Primary SDC
Marcia Vlach

Intermediate SDC
Bridget Martinez
Jessica Clevenger, ED

Autism Program
Cheryle Affonso
Tami Davey
Jenna Dube
Cindy Huss
Kelly Jewette
Megan Sills

Support Staff

Ivette Ubaldi – Resource Specialist/Learning Center/CELDT
Michelle Theophilus – Intervention Teacher
Jennifer Tamblyn – Language/Speech/Hearing
Lynda Kunkel – Speech/Autism
Pam Kunkel – Speech / Autism
Maria Mejia – Bilingual Associate
Kristen Banks – Psychologist
Carolyn Chang – Psychologist (Fridays only)
Nana O’Neill – Behavior Support (Mon & Wed)
Shair Gauthier – Mental Health
Kelly Lotz – School Nurse

Janiece Frey  – Computer Resource Teachers