Contacting A Sierra Enterprise Staff Member:
Staff members welcome your emails, notes and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. Teachers are usually available to accept phone calls from 7:30 am – 7:55 am and immediately after school. The office will take messages anytime and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Communication between teachers and parents is extremely important.

Patricia Hecht

Vice Principal
Josephine Patria Lal

Front Office
Leanne Ely – School Secretary
Karen Stephens – Office Assistant
Janna East Office Assistant

Head Start Pre-School and Tile 1
Stella Cockerham

Transitional Kindergarten
Maria Garza

AM Kindergarten

Katie Svensek /Laura Habel

PM Kindergarten

Charmaine Steele

Kindergarten-First Grade
Kathryn Wint

First Grade
Karen Mac Clanahan
Kristin Miranda
Ivette Ubaldi

Second-Fourth Grade
Danielle Woolestencroft

Second Grade
Kimberly Charleboix
Sheryl Draper

Third Grade 
Kristin Roberts
Larry Quismondo

Third grade/Fourth grade
Stacy Gonzales 

Fourth Grade
Cristina (Isabella) Bravo /Valerie Quintero
Philip Ubaldi

Opal Bass

Fifth Grade
Roxanne Bishop/Valerie Quintero
Erin Farrell /Laura Habel

Sixth Grade
Sandra Garza
Sierra Houghton
Rich Martin

Content/P.E. (Tues., Wed. & Thurs.)
Marissa Messner


Tami Davey-Pre-K
Nicole Feng-Pre-K
Travis Porter-Pre-K
Vicki Ranes-Pre-K 

Marissa Drysdale-K-2
Rebekah Meszaros-K-2 

Timothy Bowes-3-6 

Support Staff
Marcena Walther – Resource Specialist/Learning Center/CELDT
Susan Pelzman –  Librarian (M,T,Th)
Jennifer Tamblyn – Language/Speech/Hearing (T, W, F)
Katherine Sells – Speech/Autism
Patricia Cortina  – Speech / Autism
Artemisa Millan – Bilingual Associate
Cecilia Rodriguez – Psychologist (Wed. & Thurs.)
Staff – Mental Health Therapist (Wed)
Hanna Leddy – School Nurse

Sylvia Molina  – Computer Resource Teacher