Thank You luncheon.

Ms. Hecht recognized her WHOLE team, which is well beyond staff at Sierra, with a luncheon Friday afternoon.  The office was closed for one hour as the office staff, teachers, and some district employees enjoyed music, hors d’oeuvres, lunch, dessert, and good company.  She then thanked her staff and honored our PTA, our mentoring program, Big Sisters & Big Brothers, and the district Maintenance Crew with certificates of appreciation.  Sierra students wrote letters, made cards and books, and created artwork for these teams that have made a tremendous difference at our school.  Dr. Ladd, Donna Cherry, Bob Roe, Becky Davis, Michael Allen, Manuel Azevedo, and Tony Almeida also took time out of their busy day to come celebrate with us.  Ms. Hecht made it clear that it is teamwork which makes Sierra successful and everyone at the luncheon is an important part of each student’s success.