Food Service Schedule: 

  • • Friday (9/4) – Families will receive breakfast and lunch for Friday during the 6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. meal service. 
  • • For the week initiating on Monday, September 7th (Labor Day Holiday), there will be no meal service on that Monday. Meal service will recommence on Tuesday, September 8th. 

From September 8th onward, EGUSD Food & Nutrition Services will provide the following new Curb-Side Meal service: 

    • • Two (2) pick up days a week, Tuesdays and Fridays o Tuesdays, families will receive breakfast and lunch for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 
    • o Fridays, families will receive meals for Friday and Monday 
    • • Two (2) service windows where families will be able to pick up meals o Early Service Window: 6:45 a.m. – 8:00 a.m. 
    • o Midday Service Window: 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. 

Check our website to see our Friday School Announcements video! 


Monday, September 7 

  • • No School – Labor Day 

Monday, September 14 

  • • B Track back in session 

Wednesday, September 16 

  • • C Track students last day of instruction (OFF Sept 17-Oct 2) 

Friday, October 2 

  • • D Track students last day of instruction (OFF Oct 5-20) 


All Reese classes are working hard to reach their attendance goals this week! The classes that meet their goal 4 out of 5 days this week will get a big “shout-out” in next week’s newsletter. 

We would like to honor Mrs. Corriea, our fabulous sixth grade teacher, as our Teacher of the Week. Thank you for your dedication to students. 😊 

The following students were honored during last Friday’s Announcements for being Eagle Flyer winners: 

Teacher Student 
Wirth   Antonio 


Kissinger   Giovanni 


Yu/Caris   Brayan 


Jones   Amya 


Alonzo   Naveah 


Pham   Farah 


Yang   Hailey 


Axell   Aiden Saeteurn 


Geissler   Milana 


Wild   Isabella 


Sackett   Kayden 


Alford   Aniyah 


Torok   Jamyah 


Swett   Cloud 


Mederos   Kashia 


Corriea   Aanjay 


Schoby   Eddie 


Sandoval   Xavier 


Computer Lab   Rohan from Swett’s 



  • • Jordan showed generosity and kindness this week when he invited Dayshawn to join his game group and helped him with chatting in our zoom class. -Mrs. Geissler 
  • • Thank you Terri for helping 6th grade transfer our math assessments to Google Forms and Seesaw! -Mrs. Scoby 
  • • Mrs. Biorn want to thank Ms. Autumn for her quick smile and willingness to always jump on a zoom to help a student! Thank you for setting such a good example for us all! 
  • • Mr. Alfonso wants to thank Alayjah, Santiago, Skylar, JaLeeah, Amyla for always sharing with our class the family, the pets, and the projects they are passionate about. From younger sibling, plushies, costumes, Legos, poems or just life – it’s adds a lot to our class when we get to know you better! 
  • • Shout out to my class for not panicking when I got kicked off of Zoom on Tuesday. They waited patiently for me to get back on so we could finish our math lesson. -Ms. Alford 
  • • Thank you to my shining Star Learners for being on time each day and having your materials ready for learning. -Ms. Pham 
  • I would like to thank Mrs. Schoby for kindness in sharing her “Virtual Peace Corner” with me so I can better help my students -Miss Autumn 
  • • Thank you to the Kinder Pooh Bears for being ready to grow their brains every day! -Mrs. Yu 
  • • Thank you to Alessandra for always using her manners by saying “Excuse me.” -Mrs. Yu 
  • • Mrs. Mederos would like to thank Ms. Worthington and Mrs. Her to volunteer to represent our school on school site council. I would also like my students for being so flexible when we had to switch to Google Meets on Monday. They all handled it like champs!! 
  • • I would like to thank Lisa Pargeon, our awesome intervention para-educator, who works so hard for our David Reese students! Not only is she hard working but she is also ready and willing to take on new challenges for the greater good of her students. I am so very grateful to work alongside such an amazing educator. -Mrs. Burke 
  • • Thank you to my Star parents for always being flexible and fast responding. -Ms. Pham 
  • • I’d like to thank Mrs. Wirth, Mrs. Biorn, Mrs. Toler, and Ms. Brianna for their kindness in helping Ms. Nikki and I find parents to support David Reese by being a part of our School Site Council! -Mrs. Baggett 
  • • I’d like to thank Brianna in the office for answering all my questions and helping me with Synergy! -Mrs. Caris 
  • • Mrs. Corriea would like to give a shout out to Kayla for always keeping Mrs. Corriea on schedule and helping others in the classroom. 
  • • Mrs. Wirth would like to thank the cupcake class for being such great scholars. Thank you to the cupcake parents for being so supportive. You are all the best! 
  • • Thank you, Unicorn Class, for greeting your friends during our morning 
  • Τηανκ ψου, Υνιχορν Χλασσ, φορ γρεετινγ ψουρ φριενδσ δυρινγ ουρ μορνινγ μεετινγσ! 
    • • −Μισσ Κισσινγερ 
    • • Mrs. Biorn would like to acknowledge Jorge Faris. During class one of his classmates needed help and Jorge happened to be in the same home, different room. He asked permission to go help his classmate! Not only did he help his classmate, it was tremendous help to Mrs. Biorn too! Way to go Jorge! 
    • • Mrs. Vermette would like to compliment Mrs. Jones for her extreme patience and flexibility on Monday morning. In spike of a full Zoom shut down, she worked calmly to get her first-grade students and parents online for Back to School Morning… and ended up having an awesome presentation! 
    • • I’d like to give a Huge Thank You to Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Sinclair for their donations to help lay our Uncle to rest who passed away a week ago. Their generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. ❤ The Uribe Family.
      • Santiago Oehlcke from Ms. Penrose’s class gave a peer positive feedback on her creative writing two times this week. Way to be kind and thoughtful, Santi! -Ms. White 
      • • Ms. Mills would like to thank Ms. Sackett for adding a table of contents to the digital bitmoji library that was shared with all of the teachers. Oh my! There are 44 rooms of books to listen to. I’m sure we can all find a book that interests us! Thanks again Ms. Sackett! So many books, so little time! 
      • • Mrs. Biorn wants to give a BIG SHOUT OUT to Mrs. Sackett, Ms. Alford, and Ms. Mills for their amazing support! They have unselfishly made themselves available to lend a hand, in distance learning, ANYTIME they are needed! Mrs. Biorn REALLY appreciates your support! Thank you, ladies! 
      • • Thank you to Ms. A for all her help and positive energy. -Mrs. Wirth 
      • • Thank you, Felix from the Unicorn class, for making our new friend, Wyatt feel so welcomed on his first day! That was so kind of you! -Miss Kissinger 
      • • I would like to thank Kevin Manzo from Mr. Swett’s class for being a good listener and participating appropriately during small group! Way to be kind AND productive! -Miss Autumn 
      • • I want to give a shout out to Mrs. Schoby for being such a great leader and for always making time to help me with technology questions. You are amazing. Thank you! – your brother Mr. Sandoval 

      Parents, if you would like to acknowledge a staff member or student for being kind, please send an email to 😊 

    • VISIBLE LEARNING TRAIT In September, we will continue to “Learn from Mistakes!” Why two months in a row? Because I make a mistake!!! 😉 August was supposed to be an overview of Visible Learning, but I jumped right in to the “L” for Learning. So, I am learning from my mistake and making a correction. Here is the overview we should have had in August… 

      Learn from mistakes 

      Evaluate work based on success criteria 

      Ask questions and accept challenges 

      Receive and respond to feedback 

      Never give up 

      Effort matters 

      Reach goals 

      State what I learned 

    • Have a great week, Eagles! Click on the link below for some great family resources! 

      Behavioral Health and Counseling Services: 

      Click on this link file:///C:/Users/jvermett/Desktop/Family-Wellness-Virtual-Series-Flyer-20-21-.pdf to register for the Family Wellness Series.