Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it! 


All students need to be logged into their classroom Zoom/Google Meets by 8:00 each week day. 

Check our Facebook page and/or website to see our Friday School Announcements video! 


Don’t forget about our VIRTUAL SPIRIT WEEK! Kids and teaches can show up to their Zoom meetings dressed in the following ways: 

Spirit Week 

Thursday – Sport/Team Spirit Day 

Friday – Reese Spirit Day 


We would like to honor Mrs. Yu, our amazing kindergarten teacher, as our Teacher of the Week. Mrs. Yu goes above and beyond to meet the needs of her students, and is always sharing professional learning opportunities with other teachers. 😊 

The following students were honored during announcements for being Eagle Flyer winners: 

 Phillips  Alexander 
Kissinger  Felix 
Yu/Caris  Jaeyla 
Clayton  Victoria 
Alonzo  Eli 
Pham  Aaron 
Yang  Victor 
Meng  Fabian 
Cole  J’Meah 
Geissler  Abrianna 
Wild  Emily 
Wedel  Arianna 
Sackett  Athena 
Alford  Julius 
Toler/Blodgett  Jose 
Swett  Naomi 
Mederos  Giani 
Penrose  Rusty 
Alfonso  Tiger 
Thompson  Osheanna 
Corriea  Jesus 
Schoby  John 
Sandoval  Ashley 
Computer Lab  Dayshawn from Geissler’s 


  • • Huge thank you to Mrs. Burke for sharing all the awesome digital libraries she has found! -Mrs. Meng 
  • • Mrs. Geissler would like to thank Nachi, our new student, who asked if she could be Kenji’s friend when he said he did not have any friends. 
  • • Ms. Pham would like to give a shout out to her Star Families for continuing to support their Star Learners with getting into their classwork in Google Classroom. She would also like to give a shout out to Mrs. Yu and Ms. Mills for always being quick to respond to her many questions. You both shine! 
  • • Thank you, Mrs. Yu, for her kindness in showing me new things on the computer and helping me during class! From, Mrs. Caris 
  • • Mrs. Ruth would like to acknowledge Brianna for not only assisting her during such a busy time, but always with a smile on her face. 
  • • Shout out to Mrs. Toler and Mr. Swett for all the help. From, Mrs. Mederos
  • • Ms. Mills would like to thank Adrian from Mr. Thompson’s class for his kind words in a message. He expressed that he was looking forward to seeing the teachers back on campus soon. Adrian, we look forward to seeing you and all of our other students too! Thanks for brightening our day! 
  • • Thank you again to all the Kinder Pooh Bear families for your continued patience, kindness, support, and flexibility! -Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Caris 
  • • Thank you, Oscar, Sophia, and Lucky in my class for working hard to solve their technology problems! From, Ms. Reynoso 
  • • Thank you, office staff, for helping met get materials together for our new students in the Unicorn class! From, Miss Kissinger 
  • • Mrs. Yu would like to thank Shiny is Mrs. Wild’s class for lending her sister a pencil during Mrs. Yu and Mrs. Caris’ class time. 
  • • Thank you, Miss. Bicker and Miss White, for their dedication to the LC students and for their willingness to include me and assist me in serving our students! Mrs. Ruth 
  • • Thank you, Ms. Bicker, for providing my student with some great individual work at their level! From, Ms. Reynoso 
  • • Miss Kissinger would like to thank the families in the Unicorn class for helping our Kindergarten kiddos navigate the world of zoom during our class time! You are awesome! 
  • • Ms. White would like to thank Da’shaune Coleman from Mrs. Corriea’s class for kindly following expectations during his morning small group and listened while his peers were talking. 
  • • Mrs. Geissler would like to thank Zariah for being very polite about asking others to lower their volume or stay on mute to that our whole class has the opportunity to learn. 
  • • Thanks to the Kinder team for kindly welcoming me to David Reese! From, Mrs. Caris 
  • Parents, if you would like to acknowledge a staff member or student for being kind, please send Miss Kissinger your message in an email. 😊 VISIBLE LEARNING TRAIT This month’s trait is “Learn from Mistakes!” 


    Be kind today: 

    1. Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter. 

    2. Tell your mom/dad/daughter/son why you love them. 

    3. Surprise a neighbor with freshly baked cookies or treats! 

    4. Let someone go in front of you in line who only has a few items. 

    5. Smile at five strangers.

  • August 24 
    • First Day of School for A Track Students 

    August 24 

      • • A Track Parent Back to School Meetings o First grade 8:00 a.m. (Mrs. Jones) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/86135530838 
      • ▪ Meeting ID: 861 3553 0838 Passcode: first 
      • o Second grade 9:00 a.m. (Ms. Axell) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/88385300986 
      • ▪ Meeting ID: 883 8530 0986, Passcode: SECOND 
      • o Third grade 10:00 a.m. (Mrs. Biorn and Mrs. Ma) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/84400498994 
      • ▪ Meeting ID: 844 0049 8994 Passcode: third 
      • o Kindergarten 11:00 a.m. (Mrs. Worth) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/83795520975 
      • ▪ Meeting ID: 837 9552 0975 Passcode: Kinder 
      • August 25
          • • A Track Parent Back to School Meetings continue o Fourth grade 8:00 a.m. (Mr. Torok) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/88532241088 
          • ▪ Meeting ID: 885 3224 1088 Passcode: FOURTH 
          • o Fifth grade 9:00 a.m. (Ms. Sondheim and Mrs. Nill) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/89651158207 
          • ▪ Meeting ID: 896 5115 8207 Passcode: fifth 
          • o Sixth grade 10:00 a.m. (Mrs. Galownia) ▪ https://egusd-net.zoom.us/j/89560246632 
          • ▪ Zoom Code: 895 6024 6632 Password: 6THGRADE 

        August 26 

        • • B Track students last day of school (B Track off Aug 27-Sept 14) 

        Have a great week, Eagles!