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In the Elk Grove Unified School District, service is a top priority to students and teachers. At Harriet Eddy Middle School, the National Junior Honors Society is striving to lead the way in providing community service to their fellow students through multiple programs. The many service opportunities offered at Harriet Eddy Middle School help students to gain valuable life skills, increase confidence and fight depression.


A few of the service programs that are available at Harriet Eddy Middle School for students to participate in include:

  • TEENS FOR JEANS- Students donate new or gently used jeans in any size, cut, or color to help clothe homeless teens who can’t afford them.
  • #YOUCANSITWITHUS- Students sit at lunch tables and meet new people every Wednesday to help cultivate inclusivity.
  • VALET SERVICE- Students can help with parking before school starting at 7:30 am.


A new club that provides a particularly unique opportunity for students to serve their peers is #ITRANSLATE. The #ITRANSLATE club was initially formed by the National Juniors Honors Society due to the needs of new students arriving who required translation services for themselves and or their families. #ITRANSLATE is now able to better assist students and families coming to Harriet Eddy Middle School with translation services for 17 different languages! The #ITRANSLATE club goes beyond just translation and extends to cultural appreciation with different themes each quarter to celebrate different cultures. The quarterly themes include creating cultural language boards, a cultural food potluck, cultural attire display and a focus on cultural music and dance.


At Harriet Eddy Middle School community service has made a big difference not only for the students but for the community as well. In the past, Harriet Eddy Middle School has been able to raise $7,279 for Teens for Jeans, $612.97 for COIN$ for KID$ and collect multiple Halloween costumes for Mustard Seed School. To learn more about upcoming service opportunities at Harriet Eddy Middle School click here!


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