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Students from EGUSD schools like Isabelle Jackson Elementary and Union House Elementary experienced a fascinating look into their surrounding wildlife refuge of Sacramento County 

Students from the Elk Grove Unified School District and Sacramento City Districts were able to experience an outdoor competition hosted by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife at the 2019 Nature Bowl held in April. Students from six schools split into 12 teams engaged with their natural environment around them with outdoor science activities at the Blue Heron Trails in Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge.

Many volunteers from Friend of the Refuge, EGUSD and the community came together to make this event possible for nearly 100 third through sixth grade students. 2019 marked the 34th year that this event has been held, keeping students connected to the beauty that California has to offer and gaining an appreciation for environmental studies and wildlife. The Stone Lakes National Wildlife Refuge is a beautiful wildlife sanctuary with vegetation planted by EGUSD students over the year that continues to thrive! . 

Elk Grove Unified students made up the two runner-up teams at the event. The students were from the Elliott Ranch third/fourth grade team coached by Lesley Brashier and the Elk Grove Elementary fifth/sixth team coached by Lynette Mate. Participating elementary schools from the Elk Grove Unified School District were Elk Grove, Isabelle Jackson, Elliott Ranch and Union House.

Union House Elementary School was named after the Union House built by Amos Butler in 1862, proclaiming his strong belief that the states should remain unified in the days before the Civil War. Unity is still a large part of the philosophies at Union House where the Pioneer Pride is strong. Union House Elementary School strives to celebrate the rich diversity of its student population by providing a campus where students feel welcomed and safe in a positive environment. 

Isabelle Jackson Elementary School was built in remembrance of its namesake, to honor the longtime career of Isabelle Jackson in the Florin region. Earning money for her district, supporting and creating many clubs for students, making advances in education and programs for students and rising to the title of superintendent are just some of her accomplishments. Her spirit lives on at the beautiful campus of Jackson Elementary, where changes are tackled head on and new approaches are embraced. The mission at Jackson is to provide all students with a safe, effective and supportive environment where they will learn essential academic and social skills in order to achieve in school and succeed in life.

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