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May 7, 2019

The focal foundation of this progress report is “School, Family, and Community Relationships.” The goals of this educational equity foundation are to strengthen school, family, and community partnerships and to improve stakeholder communication and engagement.

The featured equity actions in this report focus on examples of school, family, and community relationship actions taken at the district and school site levels for a variety of stakeholders.

  • Equity Action 1 – Family and Community Engagement: Per Foundation 5 of the Educational Equity Strategic Plan, the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Office seeks to create all activities, resources, and partnerships through an equity lens. The FACE Office provides timely and relevant opportunities for families and the community based on what they need and when they need it.
  • Equity Action 2 – Monterey Trail High School: In partnership with the district’s Educational Equity and Family and Community Engagement office, Monterey Trail hosted its Second Annual Black History Month Extravaganza. The Extravaganza was an opportunity for the larger Elk Grove community to come together and celebrate Black Excellence. The event features the arts, performances by students in the Monterey Trail region, local vendors, and an opportunity to break bread as a community.   
  • Equity Action 3 – Partners Accountable and Responsible for Student Success (PARSS): The purpose of the group is to monitor actions taken to ensure practice adheres to policy as it relates to the application of exclusionary discipline and the working relationship schools have with law enforcement. Progress to date includes completion of the updated discipline guidelines, training for principals and vice principals, review of data, and discussions of successes and areas for continued focus. An offshoot of the work to develop the new Board Policy and Administrative Regulation 5144.3 was establishing the Calibrated Discipline Team. This is a group of site and district administrators examining professional learning needs, examining data through the lens of the application of calibrated consequential discipline across schools, supporting the development of new discipline-related data reports, and clarifying issues related to in-school exclusionary discipline.
  • Equity Action 4 – Curriculum and Professional Learning/Ethnic Studies: Per Foundation 5 of the Educational Equity Strategic Plan, the Curriculum/Professional Learning (CPL) Department seeks to create partnerships with community organizations focused on providing resources to students and families in order to improve stakeholder communication, engagement and relationships.

The actions highlighted in this report are the result of the following partners in race and educational equity, amongst others:

  • Office of Family and Community Engagement
  • Samuel Jackman Middle School
  • Monterey Trail High School
  • Partners Accountable and Responsible for Student Success
  • Curriculum and Professional Learning Department
  • Ethnic Studies Now
  • Education Services and Schools Division
  • Office of Educational Equity

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