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Harriet Eddy Middle School School, in the Elk Grove Unified School District, received the 2018 Golden Bell Award for the CARE Intervention Program.


After a successful on-site validation by the California School Board Association, the CARE Intervention Program at Harriet Eddy Middle School received the Golden Bell Award for 2018. The incredible amount of hard work that teachers, administrators, and staff put into the CARE Program makes positive changes in the lives of many students and their families, but often goes unrecognized. Receiving recognition such as the Golden Bell Award for this exceptional program highlights best practices in education and is a true honor for Harriet Eddy Middle School.

The CARE (Community Action for Responsive Education) Intervention Program is a Community Schools program partnered with the Sacramento County Office of Education to serve local students in middle and high school. Each school involved in the CARE Program runs CARE classes that are self-contained at the school and taught by specially trained CARE teachers. These small classes aim to decrease the high school dropout rate and the number of students referred to juvenile probation. In this setting, individual attention can be given to each student where interventions can take place as needed.

Mark Benson, Principal at Harriet Eddy Middle School, credits CARE Intervention Program teacher Mrs. Elizabeth Steele for the success of the program. Principal Benson said, “Mrs. Steele has done an extraordinary job with our kids and deserves much of the credit.  It is her leadership, compassion, and excellence that provides an exceptional educational experience for our kids.” Those involved with the CARE Program at Harriet Eddy are excited to continue to inspire and help the students in the program and to partner with the community to promote change and positivity.  

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