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Joseph Sims Elementary School, a part of the Elk Grove Unified School District, has incorporated exciting visual and performing arts activities into their curriculum.


For more than fifteen years, visual and performing arts have been a part of the educational experience at Joseph Sims Elementary School. The program, referred to as VAPA, has grown in popularity and demand and now encompasses art, musical and dance education for every student at Sims. The staff and teachers at Sims are focused on providing a quality education with a rich and rigorous classroom instruction that is coupled with opportunities to shine and have fun, like in the VAPA activities offered.

The first visual and performing arts performance of this school year saw Joseph Sims students entertain a packed crowd with a dance through the decades. Grandparents were thrilled to see old classics like songs from the Jackson 5 and The Beatles performed by their little ones, and parents seemed especially ecstatic about the 6th grade mash up—taking on three different songs and dance styles.

Everyone at Joseph Sims Elementary, from Kindergarten to sixth grade, is able to participate in the VAPA program and these performances. The Joseph Sims PTO raises money to support the incorporation of music, dance and art into every child’s school experience. Each child goes through rotations every year, doing six weeks of art and six weeks of dance. A VAPA teacher has been hired to better-enable the students to express themselves through visual and performing arts and to add merit to the program. Dance, music and art are all extremely important subjects at Joseph Sims Elementary where the VAPA program will continue to thrive.

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