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Florin Elementary School in the Elk Grove Unified School District is making changes to make a large impact on the atmosphere of their school, students’ literacy and character.

With a long history dating back to 1887, Florin Elementary School is committed to providing a unique and excellent education for every student attending in an environment where everyone can succeed. The school strives for the best in campus safety, warmth of the learning environment and challenging instructional programs. Florin Elementary School helps students and the community thrive through the school’s special strengths; student commitment to attendance and learning, parent involvement and promoting a climate of accepting diversity.

With so many successes at Florin Elementary, Principal Paul Cordero says his school is currently heavily focused on developing their students’ literacy and character. The school has included small-group instruction to provide individualized learning for each student and close monitoring of student and teacher growth to reach specific goals in literacy for students, as well as in math. Progress and data on literacy is charted as well as showing growth at the school in literacy. Teacher teams collaborate and analyze data on a weekly basis to bring success to all levels of students.  

Florin Elementary’s core values— which include Excellent Instruction, Positive Climate, Family & Community Relationships, Collaboration and Equity in Learning— further lend to positive character building. Everyone at Florin Elementary believes in the goal to always use manners, practice positivity in all interactions and improve teacher-student relationships so every student feels loved and wanted at school. An increase in family engagement at celebrations like Día de los Muertos and multicultural fairs draw upon the community and family relationships to further enhance and support character development.

Florin Elementary School has three main school-wide rules– Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible. These rules help students, teachers, administration, parents and anyone else involved on the Florin Elementary School campus to maintain a positive climate where each student feels comfortable and secure. This feeling has played a part in Florin students reaching their literacy goals and striving to build their character. With everyone playing a part in the successes at Florin Elementary School, students have the best chance to know that they are loved and wanted at school.

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