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March 5, 2019

This report marks the transition to a change in the format of reporting on the progress being made on issues relating to race and educational equity. The reports are planned to focus on one or two equity foundations from the “Educational Equity Strategic Plan” and share a few highlighted actions at the district and site levels.

The focal foundation of this progress report is “Student-Centered Supports.” This equity foundation calls for supports systems that are designed and implemented to respond to diverse needs of students. The goals of this equity foundation are to improve school climate, improve systems of support to increase the academic success of students, and to increase student engagement.

The featured equity actions in this report focus on increasing student engagement and improving school climate by addressing our student discipline system. The actions below target the goal to suspension rates across the district and to decrease the disproportionality in student suspensions experienced by some subgroups.

  • Equity Action 1 – Student Discipline Committees: The Calibrated Discipline Committee consists of district and site administrators involved with student discipline. The committee first convened to support the implementation of the board policies relating to student discipline (BP/AR 5144). Understanding that the current practices were not yet coherent and were resulting in inequitable, disproportionate handling of student discipline, the committee began working a guidance document (Action 2) that would clarify the procedures for managing Ed Code violations. The committee realized that to truly address the areas of inequities, they would need to more strategically target two areas, professional learning and discipline data analysis. The result was the creation of subcommittees for each area.
    • The “Professional Learning/Student Discipline Committee” focuses on developing a plan for professional learning for new and veteran administrators that will allow for a more equitable implementation of student discipline policy.
    • The “Data Analysis and Utilization Committee” seeks to refine our discipline data collection and reporting process so that school leaders, staff, and other stakeholders can have targeted data to drive decision making.
  • Equity Action 2 – EGUSD Discipline Guide: The EGUSD Discipline Guide provides administrators with clear guidance on the range of mandatory and optional corrective actions to take in the event of a student Education Code violation. The guide seeks to build coherence across our system on how student infractions are handled in order to ensure equitable practice.
  • Equity Action 3 – Online Incident Reporting System: The online Incident Reporting System will open to the community this spring. This system will allow for students and families to report incidents of bullying, damage or harm to school property, discrimination or harassment, and harm to self or others to school and district staff.

The actions highlighted in this report are the result of the following partners in race and educational equity, amongst others:

  • Education Services Division
  • Instructional Services Division
  • Student Support and Health Services Department
  • Office of Educational Equity

About the Elk Grove Unified School District

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