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“Having a new MP floor has improved the pride in our school!  Due to problems with the concrete slab, the floor tiles were failing and as each repair was made, our MP floor began to look like patchwork. As more tiles failed, it became a larger problem and was also visually unappealing. Staff and parents wanted it replaced. The district researched a number of methods for replacing the floor due to the concrete issues and ultimately came up with a new ideal method of polished concrete. Together with the district’s Maintenance department, we immediately started planning and the job was done in record time! The final product has been amazing. The new MP floor has brought a sense of pride to our students, staff and community! They want to take care of it and keep it looking nice. This has helped build our sense of community at Prairie. Everyone works together to maintain our Panther Pride!”

— Principal Laura Anderson, Prairie Elementary School


Elk Grove Unified School District (EGUSD) is realizing the benefits of installing polished concrete flooring in many areas of the district. This cost-effective and practical flooring was recently put in at Prairie Elementary School by EGUSD employees who were trained on this unique flooring installation. Many factors went into the decision of using this type of flooring for the district and into installing the flooring at Prairie Elementary School.


Polished concrete floors have been rising in popularity as schools, cities and companies are seeing the increased maintenance and cost issues with carpets and wood flooring that needs replacing or refinishing every few years. Some of the benefits of concrete flooring include easy and inexpensive restoration, lower maintenance costs and the ability to do small portions of flooring at a time. Concerns that the look of polished concrete is too industrial for an educational space are dispelled quickly once the shiny new floors are installed and many now say that they prefer the polished concrete over other flooring surfaces they’ve seen at schools.


Tony Almeida, EGUSD Custodial Services Manager, said that some of the deciding factors in choosing a polished concrete floor also included looking at the environmental impact and longevity of the flooring. Almeida noted that with proper protection on legs of desks and chairs, concrete flooring lasts much longer than other floorings, ensuring that landfills won’t be filled up with old flooring material. “With all the benefits that a polished concrete floor can bring to a school, such as a professional look and feel, low maintenance, fewer man hours, low energy costs, safety and durability, why would you want anything else? Polished concrete floors are a great reliable and beautiful feature that a school can acquire,” says Almeida


Among the many benefits, Almeida states that because of its thermal properties a concrete floor can reduce heating and cooling costs and that the polish of the floor makes it reflective, which reduces the need for non-porous lighting and lowers energy costs further. Polished concrete floors also have only a minor topical coating, so they will not crack or peel and they do not need to be waxed or stripped. With all the positive aspects of polished concrete floors, Prairie Elementary School will be enjoying their new multi-purpose room for years to come.

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